Zone control HVAC equipment

My buddies and I have been talking about bringing a controversial new group game to the area, which is so simple but oh, so therapeutic. You’ve heard of escape rooms, sure, but have you heard of rage rooms? Probably not! The concept is straightforward: you’re in a closed room, given free reign to feed your destructive spirit, and shatter all the pots, ceramic bowls, glass bottles, wooden furniture and other breakable materials that you can destroy. By releasing some anger in spectacular fashion, you can have some fun while de-stressing just a bit. While all of us know the prospect is lovely, there are a lot of costs that come with giving someone a sledgehammer and a room of pottery. There’s the operational costs, of course, but I’ve been able to find one highly effective way to make sure all of us can reduce the utility bills. The solution is to use zone control heating and air conditioning thermostats, which I can use to make sure that each of the “rage” rooms remain at a comfortable setting for whoever is in the room. When not in use, I can simply separate the room from the rest of the building’s Heating and A/C system by using the zone control thermostat installed outside of the room. While we live in a pretty warm climate, I think we’ll often find ourselves relying on the air conditioner for the facilities over needing the furnaces!

zoned HVAC

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