Why you want cleaner air filters

When a couple of friends came over to my place recently, they were not too ecstatic with the air quality in my home. One of them said the air quality was just awful, and they felt as though they couldn’t breathe! He kept coughing a lot, and I just thought he was being overdramatic. He kept going outside for fresh air too, before eventually not even coming back in the house. Was it really that bad? My other friends insisted on checking the air filter to see what was going on with my Heating & Air Conditioning system, so he did. When he looked, he found a completely jammed up air filter and showed my other neighbor who was outside! He said he wasn’t surprised, because the air quality was absolutely awful in my home. They got around to telling me that I should invest in HEPA air filters moving forward, as that would absolutely address my problem with poor air quality. They even took me to the store with them, showed me where to get them, and taught me how to install them! I thought they were a little luxurious, but my one friend said they were well worth it. You could change them out every couple of weeks, and be just fine! I supposed I could deal with that – it wasn’t too expensive or demanding to do. Besides, the new HEPA air filter made a big difference in the air quality, and I was entirely surprised at how hastily the air quality improved with that HEPA air filter.


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