Why we need ductless cooling

There is something about have a garage or a barn that seems to make even the strongest of men go weak in the knees.  When I bought my house, my wife went right to the house, and I went to the backyard. I knew where I was going to be spending most of my time.  The old owners had built a huge garage barn in the backyard. I felt like I was in one of those sappy love stories where the people were running to each other, with outstretched arms.  I was the only one running, as I ran to the barn to check it out. I could hear the sounds of the choir as I opened the door, and I swore I could see the golden light shining down. It was thirty degrees outside, but inside, it was warm.  The floors had been poured and molded. There were speckles of black through the shiny grey. There was hoist over top for me to use to work on my vintage car. There was mini split HVAC system installed. I could feel the heat in the room and I sighed.  Then I spied the other door. There was a workout room, all ready for me to set up my gym equipment. I would be able to be out here every day. I wouldn’t have to give up days, because there wasn’t any heating. The floors were warm and I felt like I had finally found my perfect man cave.  My wife was raving about the HVAC system in the house, yet all I could think about was my barn and my very own mini split HVAC system.

ductless a/c

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