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The other day when I was just walking through the store, I saw these awesome infrared space heaters! I really wanted to get one because I have heard nothing but fantastic things about these heating units… I tend to run pretty cold so I’m always freezing in my house during the winter time months… Sometimes I’m feeling really freezing even during the warm season! I thought it would be so nice to set up one of these infrared area heating systems in my room right next to my bed so I could be nice and toasty when I’m trying to sleep at night! My fiance might not like it very much but it would be perfect for me! When I asked my fiance if we could get one of these, he questioned me instantly why we would need something like that. He was saying that our central heating plan worked just great and there was really no need for some fancy infrared area heater. I told his it would be fantastic to have a backup oil furnace in case we experienced a problem with the heating system. I also said that I am constantly feeling cold all the time, and he agreed that I was always pretty cold. He would complain all the time when he would snuggle with me at night and I would constantly be ice-cold, and well, now I would be able to do something about it! I understand that these infrared area heating systems work on heating up the objects in the room before anything else, so I would heat up instantly! I would no longer be feeling freezing cold all the time, and it would be perfect for me!

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