Wanted good heating for the pet

Have you ever driven down the road and noticed some horribly gruesome roadkill?  Does is just ruin your whole mood? Maybe the animal isn’t all bloody, but the idea of the suffering was  a bit too much for you as you passed by? If so, you are a bleeding heart like I am. I can tell you that I nearly always cry when I see dead creatures, because I get so upset over how their final moments played out and then worry about the owners they might be leaving behind. I can’t help how upset I get. These strong emotions just well up as soon as I see something said associated with animals.  My empathy has driven me to great lengths. I realized the extent the other day. I found myself hauling out several space heaters because of a spider in our house. For the last few days, the spider has been hanging out in between several of the windows in my home office. I got interested in watching him build his web as I worked. I got pretty upset last weekend when there was an expected cold front.  The outdoor air temperature was supposed to drop down to thirty-five degrees during the night. I doubted my pet spider could survive such a harsh chill, so I decided to set up a space heater and point the heat straight at the window. I assumed the heat would transfer into the air that was trapped between the panes of the window, and hopefully be enough warmth to help out the spider for the evening. As I created this heating set up for a spider, I couldn’t help but wonder why I was doing it.  I don’t want a spider as a pet. This spider is not allowed to actually enter the house. I’m honestly afraid of any insect with more than 4 legs. I’m thinking I should stick with heating and cooling for the humans in the house.

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