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I’m known as the thrifty one in our circle of friends. Now don’t confuse “thrifty” with being cheap – there’s a big difference! Usually, if I go out to eat with friends or family, I still leave a generous tip for the waiter or waitress. As long as the service is good, that is. Anyway, I mean that I’m good at finding small but effective ways to reduce overhead costs. My cost-splitting skills can be seen in the chilly Winter time weather, as rolls through town and brings the cool air. I usually always stick to LED bulbs in all of the light fixtures of our home since they save energy. However, I will switch all of the bulbs to incandescent bulbs as the chilly weather creeps in for a simple reason – LED bulbs burn bright. The other bulbs, however, burn hot. The extra heat generation helps to keep the location warm, just like a radiator would. Another big part of being thrifty is knowing when an investment is entirely going to pay off, as I had radiant floor heaters installed in the house years ago. The incandescent bulbs generate heat from dozens of points around the house, and the same happens with the radiant floor heating systems in the house. While a furnace pushes hot air into the house from a few ductwork vents, radiant floor heating systems emanate heat from every square inch of the floor. That’s pretty cool, right? The heat gradually rises upwards as the radiant floor heating system runs. In time, feeling toasty without any chill in the air is the best part of using the radiant floor heating system.

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