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My cat and I are the best of buddies. Ever since the day that I met my little kitten, everything changed for the both of us. At the time, the kitty was living with my new boyfriend, Charlie.   I fell head over heels for the tiny black kitten first, and then Charlie followed in suite. We’ve been living together for nearly four years now, and I rarely spend a moment away from our my cat. She follows me around all day.  I work from home, so while I work, my cat lays on the office rug or sits in the window sill. She is a great companion. My cat is also a convenient excuse for upgrading things around the house. For instance, when the cat started shivering in the middle of the winter, I used her unhappiness  to convince Charlie to upgrade the boiler to a radiant floor system. We installed radiant radiant floors in the home office where the rugs were old and in bad shape anyway. The heated floors not only keep the cat nice and warm, but has improved my workday as well. I am now angling for another improvement for the HVAC system.  The cat recently started to suffer from a persistent sneeze. I’ve been monitoring her symptoms and consulting with a local vet. We think the cat has a minor dust sensitivity. There isn’t a ton that can be done for her. However, I think an air purifier would make a big difference. The air purifier would capture airborne dust and contaminants, keeping our home much healthier and cleaner.  Plus, the air purifier would combat mold, mildew, bacteria and bad smells. Our house would be less likely to smell like a litter box. We’d have far less dander floating around. I looked into it, and a modern air purifier entirely isn’t all that expensive to purchase or install. A local HVAC contactor could handle the job in a matter of hours. We’d enjoy the benefits for years to come. The extra air filtration would also protect the HVAC system from getting clogged with dust and debris.  

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