Using the heater more

As the readings on the thermometer begin to take a downward trend, I start to consider using my heater.  Living in the south, I don’t need to use my furnace very often. I have five times more months without heating than I do with.  I never need to debate on whether to use the air conditioning. However, I know that it is going to cost more to use my heater than it does to use the AC.  Even though I have central HVAC, using my heating system seems to drive my energy bills through the roof. There are times when even the sweater won’t help, and I force myself to turn on the furnace.  That isn’t very often, and the cost of heating isn’t the only reason. Whenever I run the furnace, it does terrible things to my skin and my hair. My hair is naturally curly. When it dries out, it tends to look more than like a frizz ball than curls.  I use a humidifier, but that doesn’t really help a lot. I wanted to have a humidifier added to my furnace, but the cost, as opposed to how often I use the furnace, was ridiculously high. I bought a portable humidifier and it seems to help a bit. At least now my skin isn’t flaky and I don’t have to worry about my fingers splitting from the heating.  The HVAC company told me it may help to turn the thermostat down a bit and not keep it so warm, but then I would freeze. I already wait until it is really cold before I turn the furnace on.

heater tune up

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