Turning on and off thermostat

When I had some friends and coworkers over at my place the other night, it was a wonderful time at first – just spending time with all of my friends was a nice break from my stressors. Well, a little later in the evening, the cooling program just shut down completely! One of my friends just said, “Um, your cooling program just broke down, didn’t it?” I almost thought it was a joke. Everyone there seemed worried, but I had entirely been expecting that to happen! I went on to explain that the batteries were low in the thermostat I recently bought, so I knew it was going to fail soon enough. I just wanted to use up the battery life! I guess you can say I’m the kind of person that wants to get the most out of everything, including the batteries in the thermostat. I don’t think that’s totally ridiculous. I had the new batteries ready to go as soon as the thermostat shut off, so I absolutely replaced the batteries and the cooling program practically fired right back up without missing a beat. Everybody laughed at me for this, saying I was something else and a total stinge. Look, wherever I can manage to save money, I will make it happen. Not switching out the batteries immediately made it so that I could save a little more money, and be able to afford even more batteries! That’s the way I look at it, as should they. I also save a lot of money by being enrolled in a nice Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance plan, and that’s great since the HVAC technicians do so much for my Heating & Air Conditioning system. I only pay a low yearly rate for everything!

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