Trying to fix our indoor air quality

Something my guy has pointed out to me before is the fact that I am always impressed by heating and cooling technology. When we go out places, I always talk about the air quality and the temperature control settings… If I guess it’s a little too overheated, I will always ask the manager if the temperature control can be turned up so the cooling method will engage. If the air quality is affected, I will even go as far to ask about the air filter, occasionally they take offense to that, but honestly, I’m doing them a favor by reminding them about it. Who wants to work in a dusty environment with bad air quality? Well recently, he purchased me this really nice gift for my birthday… He got me a cool window air conditioner unit that had a remote control. It was a really powerful and energy efficient model which I really loved. I’m not a immense fan of wasting energy if I don’t have to, so I thought this was perfect for me. I always rely on fans and our cooling system at home, but with this, I could rely more on this without having to use the cooling system for the entire house. I could just relax in my room with this cooling system really working and save energy by not having to keep the whole site nice and cool just how I like it. He said it made his guess of me because I’m always talking about the perfect air quality and things like that, and that’s my guy, and he really knows what I like.

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