The uneven HVAC levels

I have noticed as of lately that our heating and cooling system has not been working properly and not heating or cooling our home. It is cooling and heating the home in different temperatures as if it is home made HVAC zone control. This is totally not right so we called our local heating as well as cooling specialist to come have a look to see what the problem is. He legitimately showed us how poor the blockages were with pictures he took of the inner parts of the HVAC duct and then showed us. I was really stunned and blown away, however I realized I hadn’t had the HVAC duct cleaned in a legitimately long time. It had been over 5 years since I had the HVAC duct cleaned out! I figured this probably was a huge part of the issue all together. So I had him take care of the HVAC duct cleaning as well as we were amazed by the improvement of the air quality of the thing. The before as well as after pictures of the HVAC duct were incredible to me and blew me away, not really knowing it could be that bad with the HVAC duct. I was absolutely embarrassed to have let my HVAC duct become so filthy. It was legitimately blocking the air flow, however I’m blissfully over the moon and the sky we were able to repair this problem, and now we have no trouble with the Heating and A/C system heating as well as cooling the entire household evenly as it used to do. I also think I now know how important it is to have your HVAC duct cleaned out regularly so you don’t run into issues like this! It was a lesson learned all together.

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