the temperature control and my hair

      It’s like once I try to organize something special, the universe is determined to make sure I can’t accomplish my goal. I may get close to pulling off the sizable feat; but somehow things will take a disappointing turn shortly into my occasion. It could be a sizable get together at work, and the entire project will get cancelled minutes before the party begins. Or maybe I try to surprise my partner, and get incredibly close to pulling it off, when he winds up deathly ill with a stomach ache, when the guests are supposed to be arriving. Or, perhaps I just try to throw my step son a little birthday party, and the entire Heating and Air Conditioning idea blows up in my face while the caterers are setting up.

                That’s exactly what happened most recently. I had everything planned so perfectly, and the lake house was thoroughly clean and fresh feeling. The AC idea was chugging away, consistently pumping loads of cool air through our many air vents. I was feeling prepared for the sizable event and made sure to bump the AC down a few extra notches, since the caterers were letting all the warm summer time air inside. I absolutely didn’t want the indoor air temperature to get out of hand and find myself unable to keep up with the cool air demands after that! What a joke.

            Shortly after, I heard a loud sound coming from the AC device outside and went out to poke around at the cooling device. A few minutes later, the whole AC device burst into sparks, shooting black soot out everywhere. Needless to say, the get together didn’t go so smoothly after the emergency Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was called and I was taken to the emergency room for first degree burns.

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