The summer a/c plan

I am in my junior year of college.  Next year I will be getting my degree and graduating.  I know that next year is going to be more intense than the first three years put together.  I also know that I can’t wait for summer. I need to gather my energy and relax before the most grueling year of my life begins.  I want to be able to get through the rest of spring and go on summer vacation. I already have a cabin in mind and it is right on the beach.  I have a couple of buddies who are going to join me there. We have summer part-time jobs planned so we can earn a bit of fun money. Other than that, I plan on being on the beach most of the time, as I check out the girls.  I want to get into the water and do some surfing. I also want to make sure the air conditioning in the cabin, is the best. I have a problem with fair skin and I tend to burn easily. I have a huge bottle of aloe vera lotion, and along with that and the air  conditioning, I am sure I can survive the worst of sunburns. For some reason, the air conditioning is able to make any sunburn feel better. I smooth on the aloe and sit under the air conditioning and I am able to sleep. Then when I wake up, with a little more aloe, I am right back out in the water and showing off for the girls.  All I have to do is finish up the junior year and get out to the beach. That is my first tasks before I get to enjoy the beach and the air conditioning.

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