The real issues with the furnace

So my child was begging us to let him stay at his friend’s place for a sleepover last weekend. He got his things, and I took him over there. His friend lives over on the other side of town, so it wasn’t like he could just walk over there if he wanted to! Unfortunately for him (and I), I got a call from my child asking to please come get him as soon as possible. He said that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan entirely broke down at his friend’s home, and it was so cold inside the place that he was shivering! I was instantly in the car driving to grab my son, scared for his well-being and eager to rescue him. I had the heating plan in my automobile cranking so he would be nice and toasty as soon as he got inside! When I got over to the residence, my son’s friend was out there with him, and asking if he could spend the night over at our place. Weird flip, right? I had no problem with it, and his parents said they would just stay at a hotel until they knew a Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair tech could make it out to repair the problem with their furnace. Everything worked out quite nicely! The boys ended up having a fantastic time over at our residence and played a whole lot of games before crashing around ten o’clock. We also got to play some board games, which was a fun time for all. The following day, my husband made a genuinely wonderful breakfast for us all to enjoy!

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