The new apartment cooling

I just recently moved into a brand new beach apartment. I really do not care about living in apartments, but this is just temporary until I get enough money to be able to afford to rent a actual home, but this beach apartment I moved into and the entire complex is actually a piece of junk. Not only are the people scum, but they do not even have good working air conditioner or heating system in the apartment! The air conditioner feels like a tiny little floor fan blowing around, and the heating system is almost not even existing! I tried to complain to the management about the lack of working air conditioner and heating, but every time I complain or even call down to the main office, I get the run around and just a bunch of excuses. After my sixth call of complaining about the lack of air conditioner, they finally sent up this dirt bag repair guy, which was just some joe schmo who worked at the complex. All this dope did was walk in to my beach house and say “umm, feels cool in here to me” and walked right out. I am totally serious on this. All I knew is I had to get out of this place So, I called a legal rep and they got me out of my lease. I moved in about three weeks after. The beach apartment I am in now is in a good area and it has fully working air conditioner and heating! These people know how to handle heating and cooling concerns and everything that comes with it!

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