The HVAC shattered to pieces

Probably one of the largest mistakes I made not so long ago, was breaking up with my boyfriend inside my own dwelling. I absolutely wished I was able to do this in an easy sort of way, which I thought I was doing just fine initially, however it turned into a bizarre situation! Seriously, he accused me of cheating on him with other guys, and started throwing things and tearing things apart! All the fancy lamps I used to have; all destroyed! Some of my treasured collectors items; broken to smithereens! My all time number one smart thermostat; smashed to pieces! I was relieved when he finally stormed out of my dwelling because he was going totally crazy. I guess it wasn’t until I threatened to call the cops that he decided to leave. I truthfully didn’t expect anything quite like that coming from him. He kept going on about how he loved me so much and would ask if our relationship meant nothing. Honestly, it just wasn’t working for me at all and I didn’t even realize he felt so strongly about it. I’m absolutely bummed out about all my broken things in my dwelling, and especially the fact that my Heating & A/C appliance isn’t working any longer. You can’t have a working Heating & A/C appliance separate from a working thermostat, and now it’s busted to smithereens! I really loved that smart thermostat so much and here it was smashed to pieces on my floor. That thing knew all my number one temperature control settings and everything, and now I would have to start from scratch. I am so mad that he did all this, just because we broke up! At least I am certain I made the right move, because I can’t imagine it would have lasted long with how he acted.

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