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It can be terribly exciting to live near the mountains, and I recently found this out when my grandparents took me over to the Alps to see a wonderful Cottage and cabin that could be my own. I loved it from the very first minute and certainly thought about how wonderful it could be to live in that place. Unfortunately, it seems that this apartment was not for sale. I bites along the past for many many more times until I found some other places that seem to be a week-long. This apartment was off the beaten path and seemed like it was more than just a regular cabin. The antique and modern stove was just right there in the living area and it was the most prettiest thing that I could see. It was a coal stove near the study and then the range set up where you could cook over that wood stove. It made me imagine the old days when that wood stove would have been used by a whole family. They probably put their feet towards the stove and waited until everything was born. They didn’t spend thousands of dollars to heat up their home and they weren’t worried about a smart thermostat or a programmable sensor. Back then, we used our heat for heating up the home and for cooking also. Everything had to have more than one purpose, so the heat would be comforting an awfully intense, but then the heat would also be used to bake some biscuits or make some gravy for the family to have some dinner.


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