the garage air conditioner device

A few weeks ago, I somehow managed to break one of the bones in my right  foot while on the job, however since my job requires a lot of walking around a warehouse, my manager couldn’t risk having me in a facility where I could easily get hurt again! So, they suggested to extend my time off thanks to workers compensation. Since I was home for at least more than two weeks, I figured I could use the time away from task to take care of certain things around the house, and much of what I wanted to do had to wait until my foot was properly healed, but I could still install the room a/c in my garage! The process for doing that was long, but fairly easy.After picking a spot that was free of studs, I made a hole in the garage wall where the room a/c plan would be mounted, and once that hole was made, I placed supports inside the wall to make sure the new a/c appliance wouldn’t fall out of place after installation… From there, it was just a matter of having the room a/c device properly wired to the house’s power grid, and then putting the device in the spot I found, and i finished the entire project in under a week, which included several breaks to get off of my injured foot and soak in the wonderful indoor air conditions of the rest of my house, with my new room a/c plan installed in my garage, I was ready to beginning using my garage as a new home gym! Of course, that’s when I realized how I had some time to go before I was clear to lift weights again. Well, at least it was done and ready to go, right?

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