The broken a/c system

I’ve always been a pretty easy-going guy. I never assume that I need much in life to make me happy with my life. I was talking with some friends the other day, and they asked how I was always in such a fantastic mood. “Does anything ever get you down?” I said to everybody that all I genuinely needed was a roof over my head, a wonderful job, and an excellent climate control system in my car! They all laughed pretty hard at that statement – and thought I was joking! I think they didn’t expect to hear that, and one of my friends said, “So if your thermostat or A/C system broke down in your car, you would not be glad anymore?” I said I wouldn’t be able to deal with that for very long, as I have a long commute and I rely on that climate control plan to keep me comfortable! I said that when you’re driving on a blazing hot day, there’s nothing worse than the cooling plan cutting down! I have been in that situation before and let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight. I got to work once, completely sweaty to the point where my boss asked if I wanted to just go home. I was a total mess and I didn’t smell very fantastic either, thanks to all the sweat! My suit jacket was pretty much drenched too, and the shirt underneath was equally soaked.

cooling tune up

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