The angled cooling unit

Lately, my central air conditioning has been doing an amazing job.  I pat myself on the back for making this happen. For the last year, I had been living in my apartment.  I hadn’t had any satisfaction from my air conditioning since I moved in. It didn’t matter where I set the thermostat, I was never able to get enough cooling for my apartment.  Without using heating, my home was still warm. I cleaned the air filter, had the AC unit cleaned, and I complained to the landlord. It didn’t matter what I did, I still didn’t get any air conditioning.  Finally I was out in the back of the building, where we walk our dogs. I was looking at all of the outdoor AC units. I found the one that was mine, and I realized it looked a bit odd. The entire air conditioning unit was lopsided.  I tried to figure out how to even it out, but nothing came to me. Finally, I spied a small chunk of wood. It was a bit awkward trying to hold up that corner of the air conditioning unit, while putting that wood underneath. I had remembered a friend of mine saying that if the coolant was allowed to get too low, it wouldn’t work properly.  I was sure that since the AC unit was crooked, the coolant wasn’t being used properly. I went into the apartment, and sure enough, my air conditioning was blowing cooler air and it was coming out much stronger. I thought I had done a very smart thing.


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