Overlooking the HVAC


Purchasing an older home comes with surprises and has its legitimate share of challenges, however i found a gorgeous Victorian era home with more charm than a charming man! It was love at first sight, my real estate agent could have told me that the roof was falling in and it wouldn’t have phased my excitement in the least. It was a 2-story condo with a wrap around porch supported by strong, hand carved wood pillars. It was easy for me to overlook the rusty window air-conditioning units that were leaning precariously from the old and outdated windows.

My husband and I moved in soon after finding this unique gem. We got to work by airing out the musty air and cleaning all of the cobwebs. The project list was mounting yearly but we became  “fix it” warriors and battled each project according to the priority. The plumbing and air conditioning took top priority. After the first few weeks, we noticed that our power bill was legitimately high during the summertime. We knew that there were several potential contributors to this. For example: the awful insulation, in-efficient air ducts, antique model thermostat and the single pane windows all played a position in the high air conditioning bills. Both of us looked at options in how to dramatically save costs. So we decided to have our HVAC contractor come out to look at our older system. It turns out that there’s a lot of aged air duct equipment that was leaking in the attic area. To fix the problem, we had the air duct substituted by an HVAC provider. This really helped with our air-conditioning bill, after the up-to-date insulation and windows were installed, we are happy!

HVAC tune up

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