Office temperature control

      For a while now, I have had a serious problem with my employers. They have dropped the hammer on people working from home, & it has put me in quite a nasty mood. Here, I was under the impression that I could do my data entry task from home, & instead they are insisting that I sit in this uncomfortable office with so many distractions all day long. I really love working from the comfort of my own home, & I am among those people who can’t arrain the same level of productivity in an unfamiliar environment. The drastic fluorescent lighting of the office, along with the bad air temperature control, entirely upsets me.

               Every afternoon I’m hot or cold in there, & there’s some sort of weird odor emanating from the air ducts it seems. I can’t relax in there & I work as fast as I can to reach fresh air again. The other day, however, I approached tmy ask a little differently & made a surprising discovery about the Heating & A/C system.

            I got to work super late in the night, & found that the whole office was empty & the Heating & A/C system was turned off. I went to the thermostat & reset all the controls to my exact temperature preferences, relishing my freedom. I didn’t expect much from the air temperature control system, but soon enough, my little office was perfectly heated & the air felt fresh. There were no unpleasant odors & the temperature didn’t fluctuate wildly throughout my shift. This bad heating & cooling system works just great – it’s my coworkers that make the locale so uncomfortable.

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