need to turn down the heater

My little ones are wild critters at heart, then they constantly want to go outside plus run around with no shoes on, even when it’s freezing outside plus both of us are still running the heating inside the house, but I keep on telling them that if they’re going to be running around outside without coats plus hats and even shoes, after that I might as well turn off the oil furnace inside the house. I mean, they are just wasting all of that cash in my opinion. With that being said the funny thing with my adolescents is that even though they suppose the temperature outside is super warm, they will still complain that the temperature inside the apartment is too cold. They will even whine and tell me and their Mom to turn the control component up so that the heating will kick in, even right after they come in from outside! It’s the craziest thing. I guess they suppose that even though the temperature outside feels nice and toasty, inside the apartment the heating should still be running! Of course, that’s not particularly nice for our energy savings plan! All of us have a lot of trouble with trying to keep up with the heating bills at our house, since our apartment tends to be drafty at times, then so the heating bills are usually pretty high. I’m constantly glad when the outside temperatures start warming up, because that usually means that the heating bills are going to start going down in a few days or weeks! And even though my adolescents are a little bit wild plus crazy, I do admit that I love the fact that they appreciate going barefoot outside most of the time, then even if they do start to annoy me with the whole heating and cooling system thing.

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