Losing the HVAC in the fire

Over the last month I had the most crazy, absurd and dangerous thing happen, and my heating and cooling machine caught on fire! I am not joking! It was late at evening, and all of a hasty I seen this dim light coming from outside on the side of my house, then i was wondering what was up. I had a feeling that it may have been drunk kids playing with glow sticks or something, and but when I strolled outside, I seen that my heating and cooling machine was in flames! I didn’t suppose what to do, so I picked up the hose and turned it on full power spraying tons of water onto the heating and cooling unit, however sparks were flying everywhere as I did it. The flames were dying down after a while, and eventually, I put the fire out all by myself on my heating and cooling system. I knew my entire Heating and Air Conditioning plan was totalled. So, I called the local heating and cooling supplier for them to come out and deliver me a close estimate on a brand modern and current heating and cooling system. I got real lucky when they told me that the heating and cooling machine that pretty much just blew up was under warranty for any kind of big time problem. And because of that, they would money in the Heating and Air Conditioning protection system and get me a brand modern and super nice heating and cooling plan for free! That was the best news I heard all week! I was thinking I was going to have to take out a steep bank loan just to get a brand modern heating and cooling unit replacement. However thankfully, this was not the problem!

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