Losing the boiler

The two of us had some awful back surgery absolutely several years ago. Since that time, the doctor has suggested that the two of us absolutely take showers for safety reasons. While it can be very difficult for the two of us to absolutely get in and out of the round tub on occasions, the two of us knew it had been too long and wanted to absolutely give it a go. The two of us drew a nice sizzling bath with warm water, and grab the tablet to play some games while relaxing in the warm water. The two of us didn’t have much problems, until the two of us ran out of some tepid water in the shower. The two of us used almost every bit of tepid water, so our water gas furnace was unable to supply any more. The cold air outside was starting to feel especially chili, because the two of us could no longer heat up the water in the tub. Luckily, the two of us keep a pretty nice space heater right in the bathroom. The two of us tried our hands and absolutely turned on the space heater for several minutes. The two of us waited in the warm water until the whole bathroom was feeling warm and toasty. By that time, the outdoor air was much warmer than the water, and the two of us had no problem getting out, getting dressed, and relaxing. It’s really nice to have a small space heater in the bathroom, because it makes getting out of the bath and shower so much nicer.

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