Linking to the thermostat

I was on my way from the bathroom and heading out to get some water, when my wife let out a screech.  I almost dropped the glass, and I thought I would have a heart attack. I nearly ran to the room, expecting to find out that she was in labor.  Instead, she stood there, highly agitated, because the thermostat had quit working. She thought it was broke, and she didn’t want to go through the night without air conditioning.  I rolled my eyes and walked away from her, which upset her even more. I had to go out into the kitchen to get new batteries. I returned to the bedroom and put the batteries in the thermostat.  Within seconds of resetting the program on the thermostat, the air conditioning unit roared to life. She was gushing that I was so smart as to know that it was just dead batteries that caused the thermostat to blank out.  I let her gush before I told her that it was a new thermostat. We hadn’t changed the batteries in over a year, so it was just natural to assume that it was dead batteries. I know she is pregnant, but I don’t want her screaming and overreacting whenever something happens.  This is going to give me a heart attack, cause me to go crazy. I don’t think she realizing how annoy those screeches can be. She is now a grown and married woman with a baby on the way. Screeching and screaming is not acceptable, especially over something so stupid as a thermostat.

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