Lack of hotel a/c

Business trips can be super bizarre. I am so grateful to have an amazing task, but the only drawback to my task is that I have to make a lot of supplier trips out of village plus occasionally even across the globe. It’s not that I don’t like traveling, it’s just that I don’t really like being far away from my family for super long periods of time. I have two little ones, plus being away from them is taxing especially because my youngest is still nursing, and regardless, number one trips to take are the 1s that I get to travel out of the country for. Most of the time, these trips are genuinely enjoyable, plus occasionally, I even get a option to sight see while there. The last vacation I went on however was not truly enjoyable. The main reason is because it was super hot, and my hotel room didn’t have any air conditioning, my room was supposed to have air conditioning, however it simply was not working at all. I asked if I could be switched to a weird room because it was so moderate in my room plus the A/C wasn’t working at all, however they told myself and others that literally all of the rooms were full, finally the fourth evening that I was there, they sent an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional to try and patch up my room’s air conditioning. They were not able to fix the problem, however fortunately, a room opened up on the same floor as the 1 I was staying in, plus I was able to switch to a room with A/C for the last night of my trip. Even though I usually enjoy traveling to and seeing new sites, that trip was definitely an exception.  

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