Harsh a/c in the ice cream truck

In the summertime, I drive an ice cream truck in the local city to occasion up some extra currency on the side, my summer time time months get truly tepid here plus sometimes it is undoubtedly hard to bear even heading outside, nonetheless even driving something. It is such a nice thing that the ice cream truck I drive while in that time of year has attractive top of the line and modern air conditioning in it! The air conditioning in the ice cream truck is so cool looking and makes myself and others forget the fact that it is summer time time plus way too tepid outside! Also what helps the air conditioning along in the ice cream truck is the freezer that the ice cream plus other frozen ice cream treats are in! Having the freezer is of course needed, plus the air conditioning is not only needed to keep the driver alive plus cool, however the freezer alone would not be enough to keep the ice cream plus other frozen treats frozen plus solid. That is how annoying the heat in this section of the US of america is! If there was not this great, attractive, brand new, and very new air conditioning in this ice cream truck, I honestly plus truly would not even be able to deal with or do this job one tiny bit! But thanks to the attractive air conditioning in the truck, I can occasion up some extra cold hard cash while in the summer time time months, plus make men truly delighted all at the same time! It is a great feeling I promise you!

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