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Some things are better left to the professionals, but we don’t always realize this. I thought that I would be able to install a furnace on my own. I didn’t just go in blind, but I made sure to do my research online. I even went out of my way to interview an HVAC technician. I drove straight up to the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation, acting as though I was interested in an a/c repair of some kind. As soon as I found a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist who seemed friendly, I got his card with his contact information! Now, it’s not that I don’t like our Heating plus Air Conditioning provider, I just like to do things myself, however see, I’m skeptical of businesses. I want to know what goes down behind the scenes, or, in this case, down in the oil furnace. So I call up this Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to make him an offer. I tell him I pay him a position of the cost I would normally pay for a gas furnace installation, with no Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation middleman, if he can spend some time explaining how to install a gas furnace on our oil furnace, along with directions on how to perform common gas furnace repairs. Believe it or not, I got a lot of help from the guy. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge on how to troubleshoot and avoid paying for heating and cooling services. After talking for a few hours, he had filled me on a crash course of heating and cooling systems. I’m sure his boss at the local HVAC company wouldn’t have been too thrilled with me if he had overheard this conversation! However, there is a large difference in someone explaining gas furnace installation plus really doing gas furnace installation. And I’ve got the scars to prove it. I think next time I’ll leave the hands-on task to the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists.

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