Getting the air ducts set up


       Our son bought a home recently, and we were so happy for him. It wasn’t long before he came to me asking for some help. He wished to know everything about correct HVAC method repair. So I went over to his home to check out the HVAC method with him. He had a forced air HVAC system. I said this was a pretty good HVAC method to have, though he had to keep up with the ductwork system. I showed his what the ductwork was plus informed him it would have to be cleaned at least every year, plus he would have to lookout for any holes or rips in the ductwork to keep his HVAC method running efficiently;

             When I saw the type of air filters he had, I told his those were not the best kind. He had these really cheap air filters which he thought would be fine because he was trying to save money. I told him he would only ruin his HVAC method with those things. I explained that what he needed was the HEPA air filters which would protect his HVAC method plus keep his air quality good. Later on, his method would experience problems because of all the dirt plus contaminants that are able to get through those cheap air filters.

            HEPA air filters wouldn’t let any of that stuff get through, thus keeping the HVAC in excellent condition. As long as he called a tech for a HVAC method tune-ups twice per year plus changed the air filters regularly, he would be just fine.

HVAC tune up

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