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After a long hard winter, I knew that I was ready to quit hibernating.  I wanted to go on vacation, but after perusing my form in the mirror, I knew I couldn’t be seen on the beach with this body.  I went to a new gym that had just opened, about a mile from my home. I had heard that they were offering specials if you signed up for a one year membership.  The offer was really good and I was thinking that joining a gym may give me the incentive to get back into shape. Over the past year, I have improved my physical and my mental shape.  I love going to the gym and I try to get there at least three times a week. I couldn’t believe that the gym would have such good climate control, which was another attractant to the gym.  It didn’t matter if it was a blustery winter day, or a scorching summer day, the climate inside the gym, was perfect. They must have put a lot of money into their HVAC equipment to be able to have it this good.  Their air conditioning is not only complete, but it is quiet. I can read a book while I am jogging on the treadmill. The heating is not sporadic to whatever zone you happen to be in. I can see thermostat throughout the gym, so I know they have Zone Control.  I plan on coming back to this gym for a long time in the future. I hope they continue to keep their Climate Control working for as long as my membership continues.

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