Duct cleaning in the house

I recently got one of those mailers in the mail with coupons in em. I usually do not look at those things, but I happened to glance at one that was from a local heating as well as cooling company. It was actually giving away a completely free media air cleaner with a one time only pay for an air duct cleaning! Seriously, you can’t beat free, and this was for free! So I immediately decided to go for this deal and went in my local phone book to find a phone number to the local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation that had the coupon and asked them about the free air cleaner. They said I was in complete luck because this was a limited time offer while the air cleaners were still in stock as of now. They were close to running out, so I was able to get a single of the last ones they had. The Heating and Air Conditioning corporation locally did a fabulous task of cleaning out my air duct. The air quality was better in no time! When they installed that media air cleaner though, I have never experienced such excellent air quality in my life! I felt that the air duct cleaning was a easily sufficient cost, and the air purification plan was valued at $700. I didn’t even have to spend money nearly that much for my air duct cleaning and I got this excellent air purification plan for totally free. I am so enthusiastic I was able to take advantage of this special! When my husband asked how much I paid for the new air purification media air cleaning system, he didn’t believe me when I told him it was free!

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