Don’t want him to look at the HVAC

My husband thinks of himself as a great handyman.  Whenever something appears to be broken, he pulls out his tool bag and he starts working.  There are times when he looks for broken items in the home. He is in one of his fix-it moods.  I worry because he makes things worse most of the time. He injures himself a lot when he is ‘projecting’.  I worry that someone is going to think I may be hurting him. Is there such a thing as spousal abuse toward a man?  I think the worst thing he has ever done, was when he wanted to try to fix the furnace. He made such a mess of our furnace that we had to buy a brand new furnace.  That was not an easy fix for our budget that month. Last month, I knew we had a problem with the air conditioning. Did I mention it out loud for him to hear? No, I did not.  I pretended I didn’t hear anything when he noticed the odd sound coming from the air conditioning. When he went to work, I called the HVAC company and made an appointment for them to come out and look at the air conditioner while he was in work.  It is a good thing that I work from home. They were able to come into the house and fix the air conditioner in plenty of time. I paid them out of my mad money and my husband never knew that any repairs were made to the air conditioner.

HVAC tune up

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