Did not want the radiant heat

It didn’t take long before I realized that the boiler system we had in our homes, was the perfect setup for radiant heated floors.  I also found out that it really wasn’t that difficult to install the water pipes and get hot water flowing through them. I finally convinced my husband to help me install my radiant heated floors.  He wanted to only do one room at time, and that was okay with me. We were already getting ready to remodel the kitchen, so we thought that would be the obvious beginning of radiant heating in our home.  We had the kitchen gutted, so we put the pipes under the flooring. It didn’t take long, once the kitchen was finished, to realize that radiant heat is not ideal for a kitchen. Our kitchen is an eat-in kitchen.  We do not have a dining room. The body heat, and the heat of cooking, made the kitchen very uncomfortable, most of the time. I guess the idea of spending most of our time in the kitchen was the biggest reason we put the radiant heating in the kitchen.  We didn’t consider the cooking and body heat. I keep thinking the radiant heat should have been put in the living room or the bathroom. There, the radiant heat would be moving into the tub, or shower, or up into the areas where the kids play in the living room.  The kitchen counters don’t need to absorb heat. I have a mess of time trying to roll out pie dough or work with anything that needs a cooler surface. My husband is anxious to find out if I like the heating or not. I think it may be great in other places, but the kitchen is a disaster.

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