Creative HVAC change

         Being creative can be a big help. I don’t mean creative in the sense of drawing or painting or dancing, none of that artistic stuff. I mean using creativity plus imagination to create solutions for troubles! Some people call that thinking outside the box, but I have always hated that expression. I have a sharp mind, however that has never helps me earn  fantastic money. So whenever I have a concern, I try to fix it myself instead of paying someone to do it for me;

              Several weeks ago, on the cusp of a brutal winter, I started experiencing some troubles with our central heating system. I checked whatever I normally check in our HVAC system, however everything seemed to be actually working as usual. Instead of calling in an HVAC repairman plus paying that hundred dollars or so to get an answer, I started brainstorming up alternative solutions! The cheapest answer would be to begin chopping wood so that I could use our fireplace. Nobody loves cutting wood, however having a roaring blaze in the heart of our fireplace would go a long way towards heating up the whole house.

              It would require some real hard work, of course, but also save me the cost of the condo call plus the HVAC repairs. I guess the fireplace isn’t a permanent solution to our heating situation, however it will have to work for now. Once the Wintertide passes plus our finances improve, I will call in an HVAC corporation to assess the situation going forward.

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