Cool room a/c plan

I like living in my house, however it has a unusual layout; When my hubby and I first bought our home, both of us had plans to change and renovate some things, however my hubby was disfigured not to long after both of us moved in, and he has a very bad time doing what he used to. We never have the cash to pay someone to help us renovate, so both of us decided to simply leave the cabin the way it was. We have particularly gotten used to the unusual layout, and both of us have even grown to like the rare quality of it, the only space that both of us don’t necessarily like is that the family room is at the legitimately back of the house, and there are no vents in there for the a/c to cool down the room. We have no clue the reason why they built the cabin and didn’t put vents in the family room. It is quite a pain because it gets so tepid in there, it is so warm in the summertime that both of us usually just shut off the room off for the Summer season and spend most of our time in the dining room or in our family room upstairs. The Winter in these parts isn’t very severe. It rarely gets below fifty degrees, and that it is the only time that both of us can particularly like my family room, however next year, my hubby plans on having an Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman take a look at our family room and give us an estimate on how much it will cost to install a couple of vents in there so that both of us can have a/c run to our family room. Hopefully, it won’t cost too much so that both of us can particularly like time in the family room all year!

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