Cold air conditioning

My office at work has been chilly chilly this morning and I just can’t seem to get anything done because of it, i’m always getting distracted because of the cold, honestly. I’m totally preoccupied with just trying to stay warm, and this is a big time problem since I have a substantial presentation coming up tomorrow and I easily need to get everything finished today. I complained to our manager about the chilly and he said that we really needed to call the repair office, however so I called down to the building repair office and told the repair manager that the office was super chilly and I couldn’t get the control unit to work for some odd reason. I tried to turn the heating up in our office, but only chilly air kept coming out through the air vents in the ceiling, he said that the majority of the offices on our floor were having the same issue with the a/c coming in instead of the heating, and that our call was eighth in line to have the HVAC repair guy come up to look at it. I don’t really know if I’m going to get anything done at all until the HVAC specialist gets up here to do something about the freezing cold. I found an outdated section furnace in the repair closet and I clogged it in next to our desk but it doesn’t quite seem to be doing much good, if you want to suppose the truth, the problem is that the lukewarm air is blowing straight down from the air vents right on the top of my bald head and I can’t easily transfer because the air vent is right above my work desk!

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