My fiance, Michael, & I recently installed a brand modern Heating & Air Conditioning equipment into our home.  It is absolutely state of the art & the very latest on the market. I was so excited to upgrade our Heating & Air Conditioning unit because the original, outdated unit we had was about to fall about! The cooling system could hardly ever blow out cool air because it was so very clogged.  Our Heating & Air Conditioning mechanic said that our best option was to replace the heating & cooling equipment entirely. We first thought he was just trying to get money out of usRead More →

I’m not the best about keeping up with routine household responsibilities. I can barely manage to do laundry, keep the dishes clean, scrub the floors, and vacuum properly! Chores are enough to keep up with and I only remember to get them done because I can’t ignore the messes that are right in my face, this is why it’s even harder to remember basic responsibilities such as occasionally servicing my HVAC unit! Because the heating plus cooling components are tucked away out of sight and the HVAC system operates without troubles, I simply forget that the air conditioner and heating system exists, let alone thatRead More →

I’m a pretty odd individual, admittedly. However I have a weird sense of humor, odd interests, and weird passions that occasionally isolate from my peers. I also have a particular set of neuroses and anxieties, which are a real treat to contend with! Finally, I have weird conditional preferences, such as particular lighting conditions and temperatures that are necessary for myself to be efficient and productive. I need the air temperature around me to be quite moderate while in the afternoon, because I’m constantly cold myself, however even when it’s 79 degrees outside, I’m often chilled to the bone, and end up seeking heat toRead More →

My partner as well as I truly  appreciate to travel together.  The two of us truly appreciate the adventure as well as the experiences every one of us acquire after a true getaway in up-to-date as well as exciting places around the world.  So far, every one of us truly have been to 11 bizarre countries together as well as will truly continue to travel as long as every one of us have true means as well as time to do so.  The part that I appreciate the most about truly traveling is that every one of us get to truly immerse ourselves in anotherRead More →

My best associate and I have respectfully started our own true supplier business together… A few weeks ago, both of us truly created our legitimately own website, honestly, both of us truly thought that that it would take awhile for the supplier to take off! We simply posted a few true pictures online and mentioned our products to our true friends and family, but the truly elegant thing about social media these days, is that it has the true power to connect with thousands of other people. When our product truly took off, my best associate and I were forced to truly find an officeRead More →

Recently, I was hired by my true dream dealer, then for years I had dreamt of really and truly working for them and I finally was hired after a long interviewing process, then now that I am truly comfortable with my position in the dealer, I have noticed a few true things that I would appreciate to be changed. For starters, I don’t truly like the coffee they keep in the true breakroom. For the amount of currency the dealer makes, they could at least truly supply us with good coffee! Another thing that needs to be changed is the true office heating; The unevenRead More →

My chihuahua is a real princess. She’s a sweetheart, but she can get into all kinds of things around my house. Just last week she hurt her leg while trying to jump over my couch. After this happened I had to take her to the vet’s office. I was so concerned about her leg that I got there about 45 minutes early. After we take a seat, I realized that the waiting room was freezing cold. To add to the problem, the only chair that was available was directly beneath an air vent, so I couldn’t move. I asked the receptionist if she could adjustRead More →

One of the major troubles with all of the hurricane destruction from the recent storm is the fact that many homeowners need to replace their belongings. When these storms hit, it crucial that a few messages make it out into the public, and one major message has to do with HVAC units. It is important for homeowners to keep in mind that they will probably not be able to save their furnaces and boilers. If these appliances are submerged in water, it is best to let a trained professional come out and determine whether or not it is salvageable. It is never a good ideaRead More →

My wife and I decided to install a boiler and baseboard heating in our home when we remodeled it many years ago. We thought this would be a good decision for a number of reasons. We were primarily avoiding having to install ductwork because this would have required us to tear down our walls. Boilers don’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance, and baseboard heaters work extremely well! We experienced our first major problem with our boiler last year when the pilot light kept going out. We knew that there was no way that this was being caused by a draft, so we eventually calledRead More →

My in-laws are really not as truly  bad as some stories that I have heard about other people’s in-law’s, but they truly have their quirks! They are coming for an extended visit next week, plus to say that I am truly not gleeful about it would be an understatement; This whole month is now truly  going to have to be spent in doing relentless cleaning, only to be truly  told, upon their arrival, that everything is gross plus dirty… My mother-in-law proclaims to be a true clean freak, plus even though his own house is no cleaner than my own, she truly takes a meanRead More →

This week, I have been truly  home more often than normal, plus this has been both a true blessing plus a curse. I definitely like being able to sleep in to 8 or 8:30 every day, plus I like being able to do truly whatever I want! On the flip side, I occasionally get bored plus restless from truly being home so much. I try to help myself by setting a recognizable schedule of what I am truly going to do each day, along with actually working out every single afternoon so that I do not truly assume to feel so sluggish while in theRead More →

I decided to truly  compile a list of all the things I do here in the northeast to truly prepare for Winter season plus figured I’d share, but it’s truly starting to cool off plus Winter season will be here before you truly guess it! The first thing that I do is truly make sure that the smoke detectors plus true carbon monoxide detectors are particularly working. I have a true  fireplace plus an oil oil furnace, so this is truly absolutely essential! I then buy mouse plus cockroach traps for the house, since those truly nasty critters care about to come inside once theRead More →

Similar to most technology even Heating and A/C systems are becoming tinier everyday. There are very small units out there that can be transferred from locale to locale in addition to even used to cool sites care about fish camps in addition to small cabins. These portable units are used more for personal use  in addition to because they are movable will fit just about anywhere. Take for instance my fish camp, there is only a single small window in addition to the people I was with and I never thought it would be likely to have any sort of air conditioner. The portable stand-aloneRead More →

I’m quite cheap when it comes to nearly everything. I wholeheartedly believe in using things until the exact moment they completely break beyond repair, plus I will patch things up to keep them hanging on by a thread for as long as I can. This is how I’ve ended up with duct taped shoes and recycled homemade clothing for much of my life. It’s also why I’ve been stuck with a temperamental control unit for a couple years or so, which desperately needs to be upgraded with an updated temperature control system. The old unit is so messed up that it consistently malfunctions and resetsRead More →

Just last night my fiance and I had to take our child to a local art museum… She is a freshman in school, as well as he had to do 1 final project for his art class before his first report card was issued out. She had to take a picture of herself in front of a painting, then write a short essay on it, and I was cheerful for the diversion, as I care about seeing all of the lovely art as well! One thing I noticed at the museum was how high they had the air conditioner set, and the air was alsoRead More →

I have been planning a sizable birthday dinner for my father in law for months now, and my father in law is an amazing person, plus I hold him in high respect and honor, but he raised an astounding child who I am proud to call my husband. I had all of the little details ironed out, plus the night finally arrived. Workers from the local catering company was just about done setting everything up for dinner, when all of a sudden the manager of the hall pulled myself and others aside. He informed me that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C proposal was not workingRead More →

Sadly, yesterday’s lunch chop was a major disappointment. Lately, I have been working myself so much lately, that I didn’t even realize that I was out of food for my lunch! I task from home, so all I have to do for my lunch is walk over to my fridge as well as make myself a sandwich. Last year, however, I had zero ingredients for lunch. I was forced to take a drive to the supermarket as well as option up some groceries, and to make my day even worse, I observed that the a/c inside the grocery store was malfunctioning. The cooling method debacleRead More →

My really close friend Reggie and I decided a few months ago to write a book together, however all of us had been talking about it since our school days, however every one of us felt it was time to make this dream a reality. Last year was amazing, as the both of us published our first solo books, so this was the perfect time to “graduate” to the much harder task of a collaborative project, then so, a single night in September, I was sitting in my office trying to put together a foundational framework to build on. As I sat there typing, IRead More →

I enjoy to fall asleep to the sound of other noises. At night, I will turn the cable on. I will turn other things that make noise on. I think that the one thing I enjoy to listen to when I sleep is the air coming out of the heating and cooling air vents. I enjoy waking up at night and hearing that warm air blow right through our air vents. It is such a comfort noise. If I can hear the air coming out of the air vents then I sleep happily, knowing that our Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan is nowRead More →

I think if there was a single thing I would change about our home, it’s the Heating & Air Conditioning system. My Heating & Air Conditioning system does not job genuinely well, however I am distraught to get it changed. I am in such distraught to get it changed because I believe that I cannot afford it. If I cannot afford it then I can’t absolutely system on getting an Heating & Air Conditioning system repair or update. Heating & Air Conditioning systems are not cheap, however the a single thing that I really love about the Heating & Air Conditioning system is that theRead More →

My partner has done a lot of wrong in the past, but lately, he has spent a lot of time making up for his mistakes. I have had him do a number of things for me. He has been doing a lot more around the house. I was always the one who was in charge of everything around the house. However now he does a lot more, and one thing he does is take care of the Heating as well as A/C system. I used to change out our heating and cooling air filters every week, and now I make him change the Heating asRead More →

Where I live is rather cold right now; I often see pictures of other family members in warmer areas. I have family that lives in a warmer area for most of the year. I wish I also lived where they lived, however where they live they are still using their cooling system! However where I live I am still using my heating system. I wish that I was not having to use my heating system still. I wish that I could be using my cooling system. I entirely do prefer the warmer weather. However I do prefer the cool weather where I do not haveRead More →

My boyfriend currently works for an insurance corporation and he doesn’t like it that much. The main reason s because of the temperature control inside of it. He does not get any say about what temperature it should be inside the office. He does not have a thermostat that he can control! Only the directors are able to control the temperature. However you never really see these directors walking around often; So he never really knows what temperature it is going to be inside the office. In the summer, they make the office way too cold. He has to bring extra layers with him forRead More →

I went to go visit my friends parents, who are currently living in a trailer. It’s located in a really nice trailer community just outside of town. This community is so nice. They have so many amenities. These trailers are even much like new updated homes, but it really is so wonderful. The day both of us decided to go to visit we had all decided to drink the whole day/ I think that my friend had a little bit too much to drink. He slept outside in the Gazebo area. When he woke up the next day he said he was dripping with sweat.Read More →

My mom was a dentist, & she was seriously against my siblings & I eating any sweets as youngsters. But, as you might expect, I grew up with a passionate desire to eat as much candy as I possible could; I moved out of my parents’ condo over nine years ago, but my passion remains just as strong today. I eat an absolutely absurd amount of candy. I like it more than food, no question, & always keep my condo well stocked with sweets. I don’t care if it’s chocolate, candy bars, gum, lollipops, or candy necklaces I’ll eat it all, but my favorite isRead More →

What a long and lovely trip it has been; I have recently been looking back over the major events of my life, and getting nostalgic over the past, but now I am successful, with a nice house and my own business. However am I really any happier from my afternoons as a little kid? Life was so much simpler then, and I don’t suppose that any amount of money can replace that, but it helps! I worked all through school, and then in adulthood finally got my certification so I could transfer to the next level and open my first business. It was an Heating,Read More →

Lately, our home hasn’t been as cool as it once was… I also was noticing a lot of dust was collecting around the home and on the furniture. I figured this might be a sign that I needed to get my air filters replaced quick, so I went out and got new ones. I decided to go with the extravagant HEPA filters this time around. I thought maybe it would help improve our air flow and the quality of the air. They didn’t seem to help as much as they should have because the home was still much too warm, and the air wasn’t blowingRead More →

I have been sad about my HVAC method for the longest time, and you could almost say it’s a fear of having my HVAC method break down on me; I feel you could say I might have a fear of being either too warm or or too cold! Anyways, I’m always making sure to change my air filters and keeping my outdoor condenser nice and clean. I didn’t think what else I should do until I was talking to a neighbor of mine about HVAC maintenance. He was saying that I could really just call my local HVAC supplier and enroll in a maintenance plan,Read More →

I am not a true Wintertime sort of person, by nature. Despite growing up in moderately freezing hot and cold temperatures, in which 1 could genuinely expect each Wintertime to bring many true blizzards,cold temperatures well below 10 degrees, and many feet of snow that reached well into April, I never adjusted to the severe season. Now as an adult I am even less accustomed to the true pain of Wintertime, and I dread it for weeks before its actual arrival! I hate the constant struggle to truly stay warm, the necessity for ten layers of clothing, and the requirement to warm up your carRead More →

I wouldn’t say that I’m the cleanest guy in the world, and i’m no nasty pig, I don’t let anything get too truly filthy before I clean up, nor do I have any truly gross habits like leaving dirty dishes in the old sink to collect bugs. I entirely don’t truly compulsively clean or panic about my house being truly disordered, but I do keep everything in truly reasonably clean conditions. I try actually truly  hard to keep things neat & orderly, but it is a true struggle each & every afternoon! That’s why I was getting truly excruciatingly frustrated when a layer of dustRead More →

I really love the summer season time, there’s something so great  about moving away from the cold Winter season, saying goodbye to the constant harsh cold, plus seeing the sun for a few more hours every day! After hunkering down for the longer Winter season, it feels like an awesome rebirth when the temperature finally reaches above 31 degrees, and seeing the whole world start to turn nice and green plus hearing the birds return to the big trees makes everything seem so much brighter plus joyful; I love being able to walk out the house door without worrying about being hot enough or equippedRead More →

I was just recently asked to join an amazing group of amazing people who have a big goal of simply eradicating homelessness from the country, then i was quite awed at the question, because I saw myself as truly unqualified for such a high position. I had been homeless at 1 time, as well as was thankfully able to conquer that obstacle. I didn’t guess that qualified me to even help the cause, however apparently there were a few people that thought I would be a good natural. I accepted it, as well as was required to just fly out to their headquarters the followingRead More →

I finally landed a true date with my dream boy. We chatted online for about a true  month before he finally agreed to go on a true date with me, i found out that his truly preferred food was lobster, so I wanted to truly surprise him by going to a honestly costly seafood eating establishment in town. I don’t truly normally splurge on first dates, even though I could tell this boy was truly special. We set the date for multiple hours later in the day, so every one of us would truly have enough sun after our meal to walk around the trueRead More →

I live in an apartment in the true city. We are truly close to the wildfires, and the true air quality right now is quite poor. The building has a true heating system and windows that truly open sideways, but it doesn’t have any true air conditioning. It usually only gets truly hot in the city for a month or two out of the true year, so I am fine without any true air conditioner. None of the apartment buildings in the true city have air conditioning actually. I typically and truly open up the windows when it truly gets hot in the apartment toRead More →

I just suffered a truly major disappointment; My number one baseball team lost numerous straight games in the play offs! I had truly thought the two of us had a nice shot at another championship, although I guess I was truly wrong… I guess they entirely planned on truly firing some coaches! I guess our team truly needed a nice little shake up to get things back in order, but occasionally it takes a little true disaster to wake you up in life. I got woken up to the true importance of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method maintenance a few weeks ago. I had beenRead More →

I recently had to truly get a ton of electrical tasks done… It had been that true time of year again when my family and I truly needed to update our home insurance policy! Unfortunately, our true electrical method was found truly lacking. In order to truly keep our home insurance, it was truly required of us to get some electrical tasks done. I had just gotten a true raise at work, so it didn’t hurt too bad, the two of us truly hired a certified electrician, and on the truly first morning he caused a problem with the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. IRead More →

Occasionally it was truly and extremely difficult for me to make even the most basic decisions. I do not know if this was a true symptom of burnout, however this only seened to occur when I was truly over working myself; Overextending yourself can be very truly dangerous. Occasionally you had to truly force yourself to kneel back and take a break! The Other true day I was even having a truly difficult time deciding on what to truly eat for lunch! To top it all off, my house was truly freezing due to an issue with my gas furnace. I have been meaning toRead More →

I used to work a job at a local community university, plus in my area, the two of us truly hired a lot of student workers every semester. It was a lot of true fun to work a job around the students because they were full of true life plus energy plus a lot of fun… One unique  young man was easily interesting to myself and others because he had truly  taken a year off between school plus university to go on a true  mission trip. He went somewhere in Latin America, plus their whole true reason for going there was to provide the residentsRead More →

I recently met a guy who truly works for some charitable group! He seems like a entirely nice person, and he is truly quite interesting as well. He was telling me about how he just truly returned from a mission trip. He said the mission trip has truly changed his life because he no longer takes his life in this awesome country for granted. He has never in his life been truly without scrub drinking water, a water gas furnace for tepid showers, and pretty great heating and cooling in his true home! But when he went on his true mission trip, he saw realRead More →

Not truly long ago, I was truly invited to an outdoor wedding, and in our faith, the people I was with and I never truly get married anywhere however in the church, so it is a little truly odd to myself and others all the peculiar sites they choose to get married these afternoons. They truly choose the beach, the rainforest, even skydiving! Well, this particular  wedding was going to be in a true town park and gardens. They have a truly wooden gazebo that makes a wonderful spot for the vows, however there are truly no bathrooms. This is a true problem for me;Read More →

The first item truly on our Christmas list is an entirely  unusual item, however it is a truly modern furnace. It is followed by all sorts of truly frivolous things as Springform pans, modern shoes, a flat iron, as well as some throw pillows, and of all of those things, though, I truly want the furnace most, however every one of us do not live in a truly entirely  freezing area, so our Winter times are pretty mild. Most houses where all of us live do not truly have a central heating method at all, perhaps just a true wood-burning or electric fireplace or someRead More →

One of my truly largest concerns in life is trying to keep up with those around me instead of focusing on making myself the best that I can be, then this truly concerns and affects everything from how I truly get ready in the morning to the kind of vehicle I have to my true social media habits to the kind of food I truly eat. For example, when I am picking out what to truly wear for work, I constantly guess too much about how others will truly perceive my outfit as well as whether it is truly better than the rest of ourRead More →

Ever since my  husband and I got truly married a few months ago, we have attended a young couple’s class at our nice church. I truly love everything about our class: being truly able to attend with my husband, being with so many several other couples our own age, the Monday School professor, the delicious breakfasts, and the truly insightful lessons, however there is 1 thing, though, that I don’t truly like about the class, and that it the abominable climate control! All of the gentlemen in the true class, and my husband included, love the thermostat set at 67 or 68 degrees. Our professorRead More →

Tonight, my hubby and I are going out on a true  date night; Every one of us go out to eat truly about once a month or so, however we have not set aside an entire true night to spend together in a while. Every one of us hired true babysitter for November and Sam, so we will not have to truly worry about the toddlers for many blissful hours! I am not truly sure what exactly we are going to do. Every one of us truly will absolutely eat supper somewhere nice, however after that we are truly and easily just going to wanderRead More →

Being in a truly long distance relationship is not always truly the easiest or most convenient position to find oneself in, and of course, I did not truly choose to be in this situation, but when love strikes and it is truly and absolutely good, there is just nothing you can do, and unfortunately I only ever get to see my girl about once a month, for a few afternoons, so for the rest of the true time every one of us usually just talk on this huge, computer phone, however i have truly been having some concerns lately though because our truly high tech,Read More →

I was in charge of putting together all the huge arrangements for a immense family get together last month, however october was always an immense deal, because there were 7 people in my extended family that have big  birthdays in September! In order to make things a little bit easier, we just organized a single immense birthday celebration for pretty much everyone in the middle of the long month, then this made things so much more simpler from a planning aspect. The immense celebration was the very next day, plus I still had  a lot of things to do. I adjusted my thermostat in orderRead More →

There are several true reasons for why people choose to do their grocery shopping at identifiable  stores; Obviously, you need to find a place that truly has at least most of what you need, you do not want to be in the true position of having to go to 7 strange stores on your afternoon off, just to fill your fridge with your necessary supplies! Then of course you need to truly factor in the value of things and figure out where items are truly the cheapest, and even if you have a true fortune laying in the bank, I am convinced that some ofRead More →

As the seasoned saying goes, when it rains out it pours! Over the past month I have had 4 disasters in my household, however the first  single one involved my lawnmower! It is a absolutely seasoned piece of equipment, and it died out on me when I tried to mow the yard this past weekend. It worked for 12 hours, then let out a puff of nasty, colorless smoke and died. To add insult to simple  injury, my Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan suffered a similar fate. My cooling system didn’t let out a nasty puff of colorless smoke though. The heating and cooling planRead More →

My partner as well as I met in university, where all of us both attended University in the southeast, however every one of us were both accustomed to tepid summer seasons as well as Mild Winter seasons, and when our partner was given residency at a northern Hospital, it was a dream come true for her, for the 2 of us, it meant moving almost 1,300 miles from our home, however not only were all of us going to be moving to a pressing city, however all of us would be experiencing 4 distinct seasons. Every one of us moved in the start of October,Read More →

The leaves outside are starting to turn brilliant hues of orange, Brown, plus red, however i guess this is the prettiest time of the year, plus I look forward to the beginning of fall every year. I love all of the pumpkin spice flavored items, plus I love when the weather starts to get so  much cooler. Fall is always my favorite time of the whole year. When the freezing weather is upon us, I am quick to simply remember to set up a tune up appointment for my great heating plus a/c system, since the Wintertime season can be very important at times, IRead More →

My husband as well as I were experiencing trouble with our own Heating and Air Conditioning system, since neither of us know genuinely much about the heating as well as cooling industry, the people I was with and I both decided that it would be best to contact an awesome Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, but the corporation came to our home yesterday, as well as investigated our Heating and Air Conditioning system; When the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation finished with the inspection, he told us that the people I was with and I needed to buy a new thing for our system. TheRead More →

Two of my friends from College are getting married to each other! My husband as well as I were legitimately happy to attend the big event, because we knew both of them legitimately well, then the ceremony was going to be held while it was in the summertime, as well as we would need to spend the entire weekend away from the house. The ceremony was being held in a very small neighborhood about 5 hours from our home. My husband as well as I started looking into hotels, in order to make a reservation ahead of time! Since the neighborhood was rather small, IRead More →

I was taking my shower the other night, and I began to wonder a lot about the miracle of hot water.  My mother says she remembers when they had to heat water in the fireplace or on the old wood stove.  They carried it by the bucket full and dumped into a huge tub.  They didn’t have any indoor bathrooms, so there weren’t any showers.  She says they didn’t have any hot water heaters, unless you were well to do.  A lot of families didn’t even have any indoor plumbing, at that time.  I can’t imagine not being simply able to hop into the showerRead More →

About several years ago, my husband plus I experienced a house fire.  The people I was with and I live in the northeastern US plus it can get pretty chilly in the Winter season.  Our fire was in the first month of May.  The people I was with and I stood outside plus cried as every one of us tried to figure out what to do with what little bit every one of us simply had left.  The people I was with and I were given a small house until every one of us could rebuild our very own home, but every one of usRead More →

Now that the weather is nicely cooling off, I am finding that I can breathe a lot better.  The heat is entirely terrible for my bad asthma, plus it also causes some entirely odd things to happen to my feet.  Once the hot plus cold temperatures go over 78, I acquire Fred Flintstone feet.  Gone are the thin ankles, plus on come the cavemen feet.  My air conditioner helps to ease a lot of the discomfort, despite the fact that I appreciate when it gets cooler, plus I don’t have to stress.  I can limit the amount of heating from my gas furnace.  I justRead More →

The port holes on the titanic sparked a long sitting obsession in myself and others when I first saw the great movies about that ship, i thought that port holes were the coolest thing in the world! My mother even agreed to paint some on our big walls plus curtains so I could make think that I was a great passenger just like the characters in those awesome movies. My parents genuinely assumed it was a big phase however here I am, a house owner plus an adult, who built his own house with nothing but small port holes for windows; The best aspect isRead More →

If you wonder what it might be like to be very  prone to paper cuts, I am the man you should have a conversation with. I am constantly glad to do a few interviews as well as give long speeches about my plight. Last year I entirely spoke at a middle school graduation, but everybody was grateful that I shared my experiences with them… they constantly are, however just to give you a bit of an introduction, my life is not very easy, and constantly having to stress about having one’s flesh torn apart by seemingly harmless paper is not a  joke. It really defiesRead More →

Though there are many benefits to a ductless Heating and A/C system, there are also some challenges with the plan that have not quite been figured out; I am sure that additional innovation will eventually lead to having these challenges corrected, but there are absolutely some legitimate complications that persist with a ductless Heating and A/C system, and the first issue with ductless systems is also the most important issue, but ductless Heating and A/C systems cost over thirty percent as much as traditional Heating and A/C systems, and whenever new technology comes onto the market, the pricing is almost always significantly higher, however asRead More →

I prefer reading about people and their success stories. However last week, I learned about a guy that took a company from a single employee to over hundred employees in less than five years. It all started roughly twenty years ago when he inherited a heating and A/C company from his father. The man’s father had essentially been a self-employed heating and A/C company for over thirty years, plus he had set up an correct company to advertise his heating and A/C services. The father had done all of the task himself for the entire thirty years, and the only thing he really passed onRead More →

Last Winter season, my family went on a fishing excursion. They were truly happy to come home with a cooler full of fresh fish, and wanted to cook them for dinner. Since the outside temperature was right around thirty degrees, and it was snowing like crazy, there was no chance of using the barbecue on the back deck. I ended up frying the fish on the stove, and the smell was very strong. The entire lake house reeked of fish, and I didn’t think how to get rid of it. With the chilly weather, we had the furnace running non stop. It costs a smallRead More →

I struggle to keep up with a genuinely demanding schedule and hectic life.  I have a full-time occupation, several children, more than one dog, a bird and a home to handle. My task requires long hours and is seriously stressful.  My children are all involved with several sports and activities, and the house needs constant care and cleaning. My family spends a lot of time in the car, rarely sits down to a meal together, and we’re constantly behind on groceries, laundry, and homework. We’re very busy people, so if I can find any way to simplify things, I do it.  I have enrolled inRead More →

When I arrived back at the beach house after waiting for over twenty minutes to buy our used A/C, I told my husband that the deal had fallen through; While I do not understand how a man would knowingly let somebody rest and wait for them, it was not the first time that a deal had not worked out as planned, but the most frustrating area of the situation was that I had borrowed somebody’s truck to use to pick up the air conditioner unit. It was entirely unfortunate that I had made arrangements and everything, yet I was left without our modern a/c, roughlyRead More →

My husband and I recently rented a condo at the beach for a week-long trip.  We decided to escape the extreme cold in the northeast and travel south. We were looking forward to swimming in the ocean and lying on the beach, in addition to getting a great tan.  We packed shorts, T-shirts, sandals as well as bathing suits. We made sure to buy a whole bunch of sunblock. The average temperature in that section of the country for that time of year was supposed to be in the upper eighties.  Unfortunately, we arrived during an unprecedented chilly snap. The temperature only climbed into theRead More →

It was such a good day last Tuesday! I had gotten all of my work done early, so it was just about that time to appreciate a nice, long weekend. The only responsibility I had left of the night was to put together a healthy dinner for our family; I was the “cook” of the house, so it consistently fell on me to take care of our dietary needs! As I was cooking supper, I began to feel a slight chill. I went over to our temperature control unit, and I was surprised to find that the internal temperature was only 62 degrees. I hadRead More →

The clock had read 12:47 PM. I was so hungry that I could not help but count the minutes until lunch. It was at 1:00 PM and it needed to hurry up and arrive! I was late that day and had to skip breakfast. I was also super hot, and the air conditioning system had broken down in our office building, and every one of us were all perspiring badly. Management had tried to set up some box fans around the building, however nothing could come close to the cooling comfort of a wonderful central air conditioning system, however finally, 1 pm rolled around andRead More →

I don’t know what on earth I did to my back last week, all I knew was that it hurt extremely bad. I figured that I must have hurt my muscles or something, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t make the pain go away. I tried taking pain medication, but that wouldn’t even help at all! I finally decided to just lay myself down in bed with a heating pad. I turned my furnace up too, because maybe the high heating setting would help ease the tension in my back muscles. As I laidl there with the heat on, I really began toRead More →

It is almost that most attractive time of the year again. Christmas is our number one time of year with all its colors and glory. I appreciate being able to get gifts for all my family members, sipping on eggnog and devouring Christmas cookies. I even dress up as Santa every year for all my nieces and nephews, but since my own teenagers know it is me, they do not play along usually. But it doesn’t matter because the other kids love it! Christmas is great, but before any of this fun can ensue I always have to make sure my HVAC system is runningRead More →

I love to grill out all the time in the tepid summer months. Honestly, I would grill out in the winter if I could! But I will admit the summer is the perfect time to grill, with smoke clouding the air, youngsters toying at your feet, and not to mention the large picnic table set out with all the yummy sides waiting on the tasty ribs, burgers, and brisket I’m whipping up on my grill, how could anyone not love it? Sometimes, there are some downsides to the grilling fun I like to partake in with my family as well as friends, and last weekend,Read More →

I adore sailing and I started sailing at a young age.  My father, also an avid sailor, taught me everything he knows about singlehanded sailing.  My dream is to one day in the future own a blue water yacht of my own. I want to eventually sail around the world.  I guess it sounds like a very big undertaking but you would be surprised how often circumnavigations are completed by small boats – even smaller than ours.  I read stories about the old clipper ships of days past and their passages around the horns.  It must have been pretty uncomfortable in those old boats backRead More →

The north country is the world’s last frontier.  With over 1,000,000 square miles of pristine wilderness, it is a dream for an outdoorsman if you can brave the environment.  The environment here ranges from coastal temperate rainforests to arctic tundra found in the far north above the Arctic Circle.  In order to survive outdoors in this section of the world, a man must be confident in bushcraft, have vast knowledge of edible animals, plants, and fungi, and be prepared to pit themselves against the elements.  It is easier than you might think to die from exposure in this area.  I remember a trip where anRead More →

I just recently was made to get my septic tank wiped out. That is literally the most disgusting thing I have ever seen before. The septic tank really creates layers of debris to separate all the material out. The liquid layer is the a single that gets pushed down the drain line & out of your tank. There is a film of debris that can’t go into the Earth. My septic tank had a lot of stuff in it that did not disintegrate. I realized that my error was that I was making things that were too large go down my toilets & pipes thatRead More →

My husband Randy and I made a split second decision and moved across the world. We decided that we hated our location. We hated the snow, cold and windchill. Randy and I wanted sand, surf and to hear the waves. So him and I moved, bought a house on the water and we love it. We only had a small issue of water in our home. It is odd but being surrounded by water did not mean we have it in abundance. The water is saltwater which meant we could not drink, shower or cook with it. The salt also would have damaged our plumbingRead More →

I back in the day, used to think about my dream home plus imagine what the inside will appear like. I wanted all good flooring, an important room for my movies plus I wanted it to be basically a important glass portion. As I get older I am seeing that my priorities switch. I don’t need good flooring, I just want nicer water. I have grown up in a home that has awful water. The water is removed from an underground well. The water then goes to our warmer water tank, heated by the water system plus then it comes out of our items. ItRead More →

People are more aware of radon gas and the dangers.  Most people, if asked, are not able explain exactly what radon gas is.  Some are not sure of where it comes from, or how it is created, but they know it needs to be kept out of the home.  I wonder how many people realized that radon gas can also be present in the water from their wells.  Most wells have water that emerges from the ground and the gas is released as the water is filtered through the soil and the rocks.  There are wells that aren’t all that overly deep.  These may haveRead More →

Now, more than ever before, people are aware of radon gas.  I doubt there are many people who, if asked, couldn’t tell you what radon gas was.  Some may not know where it comes from, but they are aware that it needs to be kept out of the home.  I wonder, however, if they same amount of people are aware that radon gas can also be found in the water from their wells.  Most wells have water that bubbles through the ground and the gas is released as the water is filters through the soil and the rocks.  There are wells that aren’t very deep.Read More →

I didn’t have any issues with drainage when my hair was short. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to grow my hair and see how long it would get.  Right now, my hair has reached down to  my waist. My hair looks healthy and shiny.  I worry about the amount I shed, however. I spread hair all over the seats of the car, my rugs and my furniture. I sometimes even get hair in the food I prepare. I have also realized that my drains have more difficulties as well, especially the drain in the tub of the master bathroom.  I makeRead More →

I have a dog with a weak stomach, which is aggravated by the fact that he eats garbage when outside. Examples of such garbage are candy wrappers or chicken wing bones – just about anything that smells like food. It’s exhausting and gross – the inevitable pattern of eating garbage, then throwing up. Once in awhile I get lucky and he’ll throw up outside. But other times, he vomits inside on my carpets and chairs.  I try to clean up the mess as soon as it happens, but the stain remover that I use doesn’t work very well. Yesterday, for example, I saw my dogRead More →

I just recently learned how important it is to keep my appointment every fall to have my HVAC system checked. I recently neglected to make an appointment before winter hit because I was so busy with school and work. I forgot completely that my HVAC system needed to be inspected before winter arrived and, unfortunately, my system stopped  working one day in December, which I realized when I woke up. I was freezing and almost on the verge of frostbite (and I could see my breath)! It seems that the furnace had quit earlier in the night and the house was freezing as a result.Read More →

I just love the fact that I am able to work from home – for many reasons. There’s no need to set an alarm, get dressed up, or drive to an office building.  I also don’t need to worry about icy roads, pumping gas, or punching a timeclock.  My general attire is sweatpants, I listen to my favorite music at the volume I choose, and determine what hours I will work.  Although it seems perfect, I am still responsible for a fair amount of work, and that workload can be heavy.  Working weekends and late into the night is not uncommon, and I have foundRead More →

Because of the climate in which I live, I need to run our heating system for the majority of the year.  The temperature can drop as low as twenty below zero, at which time the furnace runs constantly at maximum speed.  Even so, it’s a challenge to keep a warm and comfortable home.  The other downside is that our weekly utility bills are an incredible drain on our budget.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to prevent energy waste in order to keep our utility bills affordable.  I have upgraded all of the windows and caulked around them. The same goes for our exteriorRead More →

I live in an area with long and severe winters.  Because heating plan is the priority, I went many years without an air conditioner.  Although summers can get hot and humid, they don’t last that long.  However, it can be strenuous to sleep and the moisture encourages the growth of mold, dust mites, and mildew.   When I finally decided to invest in central cooling, I attended a consultation with my HVAC contractor.  Instead of a conventional unit, he suggested an electric heat pump. Since an electric heat pump is more expensive, I was suspicious he was just hoping for a bigger commission. Once IRead More →

I know plenty of people who say they love living in our area because they wouldn’t like the same climate all year. They say the changing seasons make them happier, and they wouldn’t want the same conditions all the time. Each season brings things to enjoy, and it would be no fun if the weather was stable. These people are ridiculous. Each season is taxing here. The longest is winter! Look forward to brutally cold air temperatures, in the single digits, for 6 months on end. That’s before wind chill! We spend all of our time indoors, because it’s unbearable to leave the comfort ofRead More →

I’m single, but that’s fine because I like my smart thermostat much better than I ever did my boyfriend! When I was dating Leroy, it was all about him, but my temperature control only cares about me. It turns on when I arrive home, and off when I leave, scanning my home for my presence.  Leroy wouldn’t even get off the couch when I came in. The thermostat knows my heating and cooling preferences. It even knows the times and rooms I want my temperatures set at. I adjusted my settings for a time, and my thermostat stored these settings. I use a bi-weekly temperatureRead More →

I don’t like winter where I live. We get snow by the foot, and the roads are icy, making it difficult to drive – and the wind chill can be dangerous! Our winters are brutal, and they last forever!  It snows before New Year’s and long past Easter. I work from home, so I’m considering packing my laptop, and leaving for somewhere warmer. I want to miss the whole season. My goal is to not need to heat this winter, so I’m looking for places with moderate weather. I’d love somewhere where I’d need air conditioning, but I don’t want to be greedy, so I’llRead More →

Growing up in an area with freezing winters was not simple for me. I used to watch the television and wish that I was on the beach with the sand between my toes and the sun warm on my skin. Instead, I was forced to put on numerous layers and strap on snowshoes before I could step outside. It was a subpar existence, in my opinion. Staying inside was the only solution to the problem. Then I graduated from school, and the world seemed full of opportunity. I knew right away exactly where I wanted to head. I started looking for houses in the southernRead More →

Hospital rooms are so deflating. The unadorned white walls are needlessly boring and the sounds of illness never stop. As soon as you step foot into the building, the smell of disease and injury almost overwhelms you. Personally, I try to avoid hospitals at all costs. However, here I am in a hospital bed, and all because of a deranged HVAC system. For the past few months, every time I change our thermostat the HVAC unit installed in the basement starts to make seriously loud screeching sounds and absolutely will not stop until I go downstairs and hit it a few times. It may notRead More →

I’ve got a really nice car. I have worked so very hard so as to have a new car. My partner and I don’t take that lightly. One of the primary reasons I have invested a great deal of in my car is that we live in the desert. I was transferred here to get work and I knew straight away that I needed a reliable car with the high desert heat and dry air. The last thing I needed was to break down in 110 degree heat! On that note, the air conditioner is a very important piece of this car in my situation.Read More →

Yes, I am a tech person in an industry that is so very overloaded with more people than they know the direction to go with on the daily. I am looking to find my path within this business, so that I can earn a living doing something I like. Most recently, I created a business around helping people create their web pages for personal businesses. I generally work for small business start ups. I feel like I matter, helping someone start their daydream. This past year was my greatest challenge up until now. The company was a small HVAC firm. Their main business is quiteRead More →

When my parents decided to replace their central heating a few months back, both of them wanted to make sure that it was fully researched for their chances in order to make the best decision for the home; their previous central heating unit had been serviceable, but not perfect. They both wanted to make sure that the new Heating and A/C unit fulfilled their needs.  I had some extra time while I was in their home, so I started to research all of the recent innovations that have been made in the Heating & A/C industry for them. One thing that easily intrigued me wasRead More →

I hate spending money on things in our house. It is so annoying when items break; For example, our heater and a/c system has been giving me a lot of grief this year. The heater and a/c system broke down in January while in a snowstorm. I was without a furnace for 2 afternoons. The heater and a/c professional made a repair on the heater and a/c system plus went on his way. Then in June, the heater and a/c system stopped now working again. I asked the heater and a/c professional if this was going to be a continuing problem. I would rather justRead More →

I don’t like parting with money on things in our house. It is so annoying when items break; For example, our Heating and Air Conditioning method has been giving me a lot of problems and worries this year. The HVAC method broke down in December during a blizzard. I was without a heater for three nights. The Heating and Air Conditioning service dude made a repair on the Heating and Air Conditioning method and went on his merry little way. Then in June, the Heating and Air Conditioning method stopped once more. I asked the Heating and Air Conditioning worker if this was likely toRead More →

my husband hate spending currency on things in our townhouse. It is so annoying when items don’t work properly. For example, our Heating plus Air Conditioning method has been giving myself and others a lot of grief this year. The Heating plus Air Conditioning method broke down in November while my husband was in a snowstorm. My husband hat to do without a heating method for several days. The Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier made a maintenance call on the Heating plus Air Conditioning method and left. Then in May, the Heating plus Air Conditioning method ceased working. My husband asked the Heating plus AirRead More →

I don’t like spending my hard-earned cash on things in our house. It is so annoying when items don’t work, but for example, our heating and cooling system has been giving me a lot of grief this winter. The heating and cooling system broke down in NOvember while I was in a snowstorm. I was without a heating plan for two whole days. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist made a repair on the heating and cooling system & went on her way. Then in June, the heating and cooling system stopped functioning again. I asked the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist if this wasRead More →

I hate spending money on things in my house. It is so annoying when items break. For example, my HVAC system has been giving me a lot of grief this year. The HVAC system broke down in February during a snowstorm. I was without a heating system for two days. The HVAC technician made a repair on the HVAC system and went on his way. Then in June, the HVAC system stopped working again. I asked the HVAC technician if this was going to be a continuing problem. I would rather just get a new HVAC system installed so I would not have to makeRead More →

Every single evening after I get back from my job, I go out for a long walk! I have a route I usually take, that brings me up & down every street in my area. It’s not only great for my health, it also helps me relax after a stressful afternoon! On top of that, it keeps me aware of what is going on around me inside of my neighborhood. I know who is moving out or moving in, who keeps a neat turf, and who litters in their yard. I get to know all that sort of interesting stuff that nosy neighbors enjoy. I’veRead More →

When I was only twelve, I spent the summer at Camp Crystal Lake. Later on, I discovered that name was shared by a camp in a famous horror film about a murderer, which I am very glad I didn’t know at that particular time! I have some pretty good memories of the people I met that summer time, but overall there were a lot of downside aspects to it as well; In fact, it was a single of those things that I remember very fondly, but I hated it at the time. I shared a cabin with fifteen other youngsters, & all of us spentRead More →

I have major dust sensitivities, so I must keep our apartment especially clean. The best way to do this is through regular care of our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. I make sure to use HEPA allergen filters for the best performance and clean air environment. I also have an air purifier working in tangent with our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. This is a superb way to combat all those air pollutants such as mold, pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria. I had our system set up this way since it was suggested by an HVAC specialist. I have been able to breathe much easierRead More →

I have bad allergies, so I must keep my home especially clean. The best way to do this is through proper maintenance of my HVAC system. I make sure to use HEPA allergen filters for the best performance and clean air. I also have an air purifier working in tangent with my HVAC system. This is a superb way to combat all those air pollutants such as mold, pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria. I had my system set up this way since it has been recommended to me by an HVAC technician. I have been able to breathe much easier when I had everything setup.Read More →