Can’t get anything out of my furnace

As a basic physical law, heat rises, below it, layers of cooler air circulate. This is why you can smoke from the top floor with the windows open, and those on the floors below are not able to smell a thing. This is also why most furnaces are stored in the basements of houses or on the lower floor, and it takes less energy to get the heat to go upwards, as it does naturally, than it does to direct it downwards against its natural tendency. These rules in mind, it makes sense for current homeowners to have radiant floors, and not heated ceilings. However personally, I’ve had a lot of concerns with radiant floors as well, and have had to call our HVAC provider to send out a supplier and do a heating system repair. This was because of pests in our basement chewing up wires around the heating system. Critters, such as mice and snakes, thrive in warm, wet environments, which makes the basement the perfect spot. So when we put our heating in the lowest, darkest space in our home, it makes the perfect habitat for pests. Many will spray their homes with poison to avoid an inevitable call to the HVAC supplier to perform a heating system repair due to pests. I get it, it’s an embarrassing call to make. But I recommend a heating system upgrade such that minimal energy is needed to heat the whole current home and the pests are deterred as well. The solution is to have a heating system upgrade done in the floor so that all gaps are filled with a heat-dispersing material. This allows no room for pests to make their current home around the heating system or the heater, despite it being low to the ground. The HVAC providers in most areas do ave HVAC dealers who can do this, but consumers don’t typically ask for this service.

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