Assessing the situation

This month, I woke up in a pretty lousy mood! It didn’t help that I was perspiring like silly when I woke up. I went to check the thermostat & it was 87 degrees in our house! Clearly, the A/C was not very working, so I had to call up the HVAC company, they said they would make it out to our locale by three in the afternoon So I waited & waited & I only became more frustrated when the HVAC worker did not get to my house on time. I kept having to stick our head in the freezer to cool off a little. I thought I wanted to take an ice-cold shower, but I was waiting on this HVAC worker to show up! He arrived a little after 2:30 pm. He apologized for being late, he said he was stuck at this disaster situation at another client’s household. I was just glad he was finally there to take care of the job. When I l gained that he had to update some parts for the cooling system, I thought it would be zero problem at all, but apparently, he did not have the parts & he had to go pick them up. This was another fifteen minute delay, as this is how long it took him to get the parts. I was going silly however at least I took a nice long shower while I was in this time. This morning was very aggravating so far & I couldn’t wait to just have our cooling system working at last! I was praying that I even had some sort of backup window A/C component or something of the sort! Well, finally the HVAC worker came back with the parts & got the A/C very working once again. I was feeling so damn thankful for that cooling air that was flowing from the HVAC vents! While I did have a terrible morning, at least my evening was much better.

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