Allergies and air filter

Unlike everyone else I know, I appreciate the winters. I love the cold, crisp, clean air, the snowfall plus the icicles, I appreciate everything about the winter. I have some pretty bad pollen irritations, but in the winter is the only time I can undoubtedly appreciate being outside and not sniffling plus coughing. Honestly, during some weeks in winter, when everyone else is catching cold and sneezing, those are actually the weeks when I can breathe easy plus also appreciate the wonderful outdoors. The summers, on the other hand, are awful for me most of the time. I tend to spend most of the time indoors. If I go out into the pollen, then the summer allergens for too long I get sick, and so I tend to stay near Heating and Air Conditioning system. But then with a wonderful air conditioner I can stay cool, which is nice, however it also will remove a lot of the harmful stuff from the air so I can breathe. The winter itself handles the air filtration for me, I guess, however in summer, I really do need the air filter of our central cooling system. I do miss out on playing sports that I like, but with such bad air quality out there what other options do I have? So I play a lot of video games and then I also watch a lot of motion pictures. Plus sometimes I will use our current home gym so I can stay fit from the comfort of our climate control system. I’ve tried out all sorts of allergy meds, but really, none of them seems to work as much as an air filter does. I could wear a surgical mask outside, I guess, but instead I will just stay in the A/C where I don’t have to worry about it.

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