A time we had to have a/c

One Summer, a strange wave of heat came into the town as well as kept us honestly cooped up in our apartment for weeks. None of my friends as well as family members were accustomed to heat like this, as well as it was clear that many houses were without A/C. My house was one of those homes that did not have A/C, as well as many of my friend lived in homes that did not have air conditioning either. There were a lot of reasons for my friends as well as myself to hang out together in the same place, but none of them was more important than the fact that we desperately needed to hang out in a place with cold A/C. There were some days when the particular summer temperature officially hit 90 degrees. These were definitely days when we had our work cut out. My friends as well as myself would run through the sprinklers as well as try to pick someone’s house that was equipped with Central A/C. Had a window A/C unit, but most of us just had to deal with the hot temperatures. When you are a young said, that involves running into the street, pulling the fire hoses as well as preparing with these different types of A/C issues. I guess at some point, my parents decided to install central A/C. The only other memories I have of heat waves as a child, came when I was a much older as well as out of college. I remember that my parents had some type of A/C machine at that time.


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