A surprise HVAC system

My son totally surprised myself and others the other morning when he started talking to myself and others about energy savings. He easily got into it about Heating & Air Conditioning appliance service, smart temperature controls & energy efficient Heating & Air Conditioning appliance models. When I asked him where he actually learned about all this stuff, he said they had an assembly in his school with a Heating & Air Conditioning appliance serviceman talking about these things. He was completely fascinated by Heating & Air Conditioning appliance technology & was even talking about becoming a Heating & Air Conditioning appliance serviceman in the future. I legitimately liked the fact that he was able to absorb all this know-how in a short phase of time, & I felt that he would do great at this type of work. I asked him about the smart temperature controls & what they did. I honestly didn’t know a thing about them. He was more than happy to tell me. He said a smart temperature control gives you the ability to control the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance remotely through your smartphone. He said that you have to install something called a smart app to be able to connect to the temperature control. He further explained that through the smart app, you can get system updates & temperature control recommendations to save money on the energy bills. I was totally impressed by this information. Then I asked my son what he knew about energy saving tips, because he was getting into that a little earlier. He said the best way to save energy was to change the air filters out every other month. He said this would allow the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance to function at full capacity & it wouldn’t have to work so hard, thus lowering the energy bills. I was completely blown away by his expertise.

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