A mini split HVAC

The other day when my brother came over to my house with his children to visit, I was entirely happy to see him and the family! He was very curious about my HVAC system, and I told him that we had a ductless mini-split HVAC system. I told him how it didn’t require any HVAC duct for our system and it was very energy efficient. I was telling him how nice it was not having to worry about cleaning out HVAC ducts, which gets really costly, especially if you have a big household. I also didn’t have to worry about HVAC duct sealing and things like that. I went on further to explain how you lose a big amount of energy in HVAC duct systems anyway because the treated air has to travel through the entire system to the targeted areas. It’s a good system and all, however it’s not as good as my ductless mini-chop system! We have all our units strategically place throughout the apartment and the maintenance is low-cost and simple! Not to mention, we are able to heat and cool our household in zones which is a important convenience and allows me to save a good deal of money on our energy costs, then my brother was saying it sounded so nice and he would enjoy to have something enjoy that, then he said the air quality was getting awful at his place and he knew he had to have his HVAC duct cleaned to improve the air quality. I told him he should absolutely consider upgrading to a ductless mini-split HVAC, he certainly wouldn’t regret it!

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