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When my husband and I rented out this home while the people I was with and I were in the Winter holiday season, everybody was super impressed by the location! Every one of us walked into the front door and the location was nice and toasty, and there was a huge amount of space for each person. Everything was decorated in the spirit of Christmas and there was a nice fireplace in the living room. The biggest thing that was so cool to me was the furnace in this location, then every one of us weren’t able to see any Heating and Air Conditioning vents that heated air was flowing from, yet the location was perfectly toasty. Every one of us then came to realize when the people I was with and I took off my boots and Winter blazers, that the heating was coming straight from the floors! My aching feet were nice and toasty in no time! Every one of us realized that this lovely home was equipped with radiant radiant heated floors! I knew the location said it was fancy and would suit the needs of any family, but I didn’t realize the location came with radiant heated floors! We all had a wonderful Winter trip and the Christmas holiday was honestly perfect. They had a very nice looking decorated Christmas Tree and it was a real tree, admittedly, I paid a wonderful price for us to stay in this location, however it honestly exceeded our expectations! I was honestly going to leave a wonderful review for this location! Even our family was saying that they would like to come back to this location the following year for our Winter holiday! Hey, if we had the chance to get another fancy location care about this with radiant radiant heated floors, I was honestly okay with that!

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