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                                            My cousin frequently travels around the world with just a backpack… Because of this, he has a very few amount of possessions to store… If he ever acquires anything, he usually gives it away on his next trip. I have inherited a lot of weird things from him. I now have a guitar, vinyl record player and an outdated harmonica. My newest item is an whole house air purifier I got from him. My cousin was going through a health phase; He ran, went vegan, and started thinking about his indoor air pollen levels. He got an whole house air purifier to clean outRead More →

                                            I have a large household of people, however because of this I had to get Heating, Ventilation, and A/C zone control. The largest fights in our home were over the thermostat settings. I have 2 daughters, an elderly mother, my husband, and my brother that all live with me. With all of us under one roof, we never could agree on a thermostat setting, my mother was always frigid and turning up the heater. My sibling works out in the house, and he would turn on A/C for it. My husband wanted A/C while he was in his office. My girls found it hilariousRead More →

                                            My guy Fred plus myself are doing the long distance dating thing. Since he moved down south where I am still in the north, the method is that I will join him in the south after I finish job this summer! I have to say though; I am not actually looking forward to it. As is, right now I live at home where my mother makes myself food, washes my clothes and even takes me to go shopping. My father fixes my car, the beach house Heating plus A/C machine plus helps myself and others with my taxes. I basically live like a queenRead More →

I totally care about cats. I’ve always been a major cat person. As I have grown, I absolutely solidified my love for cats. I do a lot of volunteer work and I also have adopted various cats now. My cats came from the same location, actually. My city’s shelter is entirely awful. They have next to no funds and yet they get a constant influx of cats from the local animal control. They get a bunch of strays and surrenders. It’s absolutely terrible to see all these cats basically just stuck in kennels. There is practically no ventilation in that building, and no air conditionerRead More →

My husband will tell pretty much anyone who will listen that I am entirely cantankerous. He easily thinks that too. He thinks I have the worst temper, but I certainly don’t agree. I recognize I have a healthy response to nonsense situations. For example, a few months ago our heating appliance broke down plus we needed to get an HVAC repair guy out to take care of it. I happened to have some time that week to take care of it, a fact which I knew my husband was not glad about. He knew from the start, it seemed, that the situation might get outRead More →

I love my multi-cultural life so much. About four years ago, I met the man of my dreams, and he has changed my life. Vince is a native Asian who migrated to the States at the age of eighteen. Every November, we fly to Asia to visit is parents, and we stay for about three weeks. I have learned to love and appreciate the Asian way of life though it is very different from what I am used to. The hardest part for me is the flight to Asia. It is a non-stop fourteen hour flight. We usually fly the same airline since we getRead More →

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t  want to get out of bed? I have those days quite often. Usually, Saturday is my day to rest. I sleep in, stay in my pajamas most of the day, and order food so that I don’t have to cook. A few weeks ago, my normal Saturday routine was interrupted by an awful discovery. That particular weekend, it was much hotter than usual, and I decided to turn on my AC. We have central air conditioning throughout our entire house; it is one of my favorite features. I turned it on, and withinRead More →

I am pathetic, I know. I am letting my HVAC slowly deteriorate in order to see my HVAC contractor. I am a single mom in my 30s. Meeting men is not an easy thing for me. It is slim pickings for me. My HVAC professional is in his mid 30s, quite attractive and has no wedding ring on. He is gainfully employed too, has all his hair and is handy. He sounds way too good to be true. I don’t want to be a weirdo and ask him out right away. I need him and I to build a relationship. So what I am doingRead More →

I think I installed my ductless mini split wrong. Anytime you see a picture of a ductless HVAC unit, it is high on the wall. They usually put it right at the line for the ceiling. I always felt that the ductless heating and cooling system looked terrible there though. It was the first thing you saw and constantly would catch your eye. So I had the bright idea to install the ductless HVAC unit really low. I put it at the lowest point on the wall. I then put a bench in front of it, this is so it was more hidden. Well, IRead More →

The house I bought had a whole bunch of junk in it that I had to remove. A few things were cool and I salvaged them. Most of the stuff was ugly, damaged, or just plain junk. It has taken me months to clean my new house. I go room to room and fill garbage bag after garbage bag. The current room I am in is the basement. This is by far my worst room. It is huge and jam packed with the worst junk. Also, water definitely gets into the basement. Most of the things are water damaged and covered in mold. I basicallyRead More →

We got around to renovating an older dwelling that we had obtained about 3 years prior! We certainly had no trouble visualizing, from the first moment we walked through the doors, exactly what we wanted it to look like. We needed some time to save up the money to make the changes, and we absolutely knew we would likely discover some unexpected things hiding beneath the walls. But we were prepared. We truly thought we were prepared at least. The first thing that was taken care of by the crew was the demo. Only numerous minutes in we experienced a problem! The dreaded asbestos, andRead More →

My husband Ron and I like to take motorcycle trips. Our goal is to hit all of the fifty states and take a picture in front of the welcome sign. We have already gotten more than half. It is amazing how different each state is. Not only is the culture and certain laws different, but the weather drastically changes too. The last trip Ron and I went on was down south. We started in the way upper north and made our way to the lowest southern point. Wow, the weather was shockingly different. Ron and I started out the trip freezing cold. We had toRead More →

My husband, Matt and I bought our house about six years ago.  We moved from the southeastern part of the country to the northeast because of a job opportunity.  Since Matt would be making a lot more money, we figured the process of selling our old home and buying  new would be worth it. We could afford something bigger and with more property. Matt and I were definitely not prepared for the extreme change in weather.  We were accustomed to year round sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. In our previous location, we typically relied on the air conditioner for around eight months of theRead More →

I recently just finished up with a six month stint absolutely working up north as well as I cannot wait to get back to my own dwelling. I task for an energy supplier as well as have been on location working on an oil pipeline. It was a ton of tough work, however with it done I can finally get back to my dwelling where it isn’t 20 degrees below zero everyday. Well perhaps it is not that freezing, however it is insanely cold around here. I suppose the worst part of this whole task trip was coming here in fall as well as stayingRead More →

I have begun researching home automation systems, and have consulted with a local HVAC contractor about installation.  There are many options to choose from, and the different systems offer some really amazing features. I am hoping to improve the comfort, energy efficiency and security of my home.  I am convinced that I could save enough money in monthly utilities and needless repairs to pay for the home automation system. Plus, I would feel much safer and the system would make my everyday life far easier.  A home automation system combines the operation of the home’s appliances and systems into a single control. This control canRead More →

It has been a year since I graduated from high school in addition to I guess it is finally time to make some plans for the future. I haven’t given it too much thought until somewhat recently, however I am still trying to decide between university in addition to trade university. There are several advantages in addition to downsides to both. College would basically be four more years of not doing anything before getting to work full time which would be okay. The cost in addition to no guarantee of a job afterward is kind of disturbing though. On the other hand, there are noRead More →

It is winter again and I am thrilled to make some additional money plowing the roadways and parking lots of our town. I am one of numerous snow plow companies in these parts and we are never short on work during the Winter weeks. It gets truly frosty up here and the snowstorms can be absolutely terrible. If you are not prepared for the worst, then you will absolutely find yourself stuck in a ditch or something worse. Probably the worst thing you can do if you live in these parts is not make sure your dwelling is Winterized. That includes making sure the chimneyRead More →

I have been genuinely working as a refuse disposal worker for several years plus this task has genuinely started to become horrible. I find myself filled with a sense of apprehension every morning at the thought of having to go to work. It honestly shouldn’t be that way because it is a great paying task that is fairly simple to do. But merely the thought of having to pick up other people’s trash for the next twenty or so years until retirement is not that pleasant to me. People are totally disgusting plus their trash demonstrates that fact all of the time. I have beenRead More →

My neighbor is more of a risk taker than I will ever be in my lifetime. I believe this is why we’re so close, because opposites attract! I had recently broken up with my bestie in addition to was so upset I hadn’t left my apartment in about a week. My neighbor barged into my bedroom in addition to insisted that the two of us do something crazy like drive across the country. There was no particular endpoint but the two of us would drive back in about 10 days. I was so totally defeated, I decided what’s the worst that could happen. By theRead More →

I absolutely knew once I graduated from school, going to a trade school was the best option for myself. I couldn’t stand the thought of going to school for another 4 years and being required to relearn everything that I already learned however more intensely such as calculus, english, and biology. The best decision for me would be to sign up for community college and take Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and a Heating Technology program. Not only am I studying the replacement components of HVAC, however I’m also studying all about safety, preventive repair operations, indoor and outdoor properties of air, and on top of thatRead More →

The frosty temperatures began to creep in at the end of July. I usually adore the Fall because I prefer the various hues of the leaves with a nice crisp, cool feeling in the air that’s not intolerable however great enough for a scarf and some great looking boots. To my horror, Fall lasted for all of a couple of hours. My family and I were in quite a few layers of clothing by the end of August. This was said to be the coldest winter in about 55 years. I go to work during the weekdays, and I made a promise to myself thatRead More →

My preferred color is blue; Ever since I was a little kid, I have been intrigued with the sky. My hubby and I like to fish as well as spend time on the water. We have a lake house/cabin for vacation. We are going to leave our boat docked at the lake, in front of our cabin. The lake house was worn down completely, as well as in need of major restorations. The first thing both of us did was replace the floors as well as service the roof. These were the most important things. The lake house was not equipped with an HVAC unit.Read More →

My husband, with the help of a friend has decided to transform the attic into a grand playroom for our boys. My husband has been in construction since he was young, so he knows what he’s doing. After removing everything from the attic, my husband and his pal Tony started putting up drywall, and they added a few electrical sockets, so the boys could plugin their electronics. They also added a cool slide feature, so the boys could slide down to the basement. They still have to use the stairs to go into the attic. After the last bits of construction are finished, we willRead More →

I have a unusual pal whose name is Bob, however i have known Bob for about thirty years now, and he has not changed much over the years. I am sure he was just as unusual then as he is now. I don’t remember how I met Bob, even though I do remember the first time I was in his house. Both of us live in the southwest, and several of the older homes in a lot of the southern villages include CBS block homes with guest cabins in the back. Bob lived in one of those house cabins. I went in there on anRead More →

About more than 2 or more than 2 weeks ago, I decided I was finally going to split down plus get a membership to the fitness center here in our city, but not just any fitness center. I joined the gym that has swimming pools! The only exercise I honestly endelight is swimming, plus I guess that’s because I have spent most of my life living in the south. In the south, every one of us need to swim to cool off, but there is nothing as wonderful as being a child in the south who can kick off his flip flops plus dive intoRead More →

My cousin Alex goes through some of the craziest hobbies, but somehow she feels the need to drag myself and others into them as well. Her newest one was to try sword-making. However, when Alex tries a new interest, she goes full out. She loves it for about a month and gets everything to do with it. Then, she loses interest, and our duplex is full of trash. The sword-making hobby is both superb and bad! Trying sword-making requires a lot of stuff. Tate had to buy the metal, forge, a kiln, and a separate Heating and A/C machine for the climate. The only thingRead More →

I obtained our first portable air conditioner this week, and it was definitely more of a hassle than I thought it would be. With a space heating system, you obtain it and plug the unit in. You get instant heating without having to do any more work or spending anymore time to fiddle with the unit. With the portable A/C device, there was considerably more thought put it. First, I had to go to the hardware store and pick which cooling system I desired. They had all sorts of sizes for this. I forget to measure our window, so I obtained the tiniest A/C unitRead More →

  I could not wait to get my own residence after residing with seven other siblings my whole life.  I had been now struggling for several weeks at my first task at a grocery store and started my cabin search right away. I was very ready to begin my own life and future by myself.  I particularly didn’t care where I resided. I just knew I desired to leave the noise and clutter of being in a household of nine. I finally found a 1 bedroom cabin that I could afford.  It was the end of Spring, and the weather was just starting to becomeRead More →

I finally bought my dream cabin.  My partner in addition to I had been cabin hunting for over two years looking for the wooded cabin in the state.  Every one of us had many young children, in addition to we desired a cabin that could accommodate our family until everyone was out of the cabin.  The most essential feature to me was a basement. I comprehended that the basement would provide me the flexibility that I demanded. Every one of us found a secluded cabin that had a partially finished basement with tons of room.  My partner was uncertain about the ability to make theRead More →

About six months ago, my partner James and I finally left the city.  We bought a house in the country, with a couple acres of property. While the old farmhouse required some renovation, both of us were ecstatic to get some peace, quiet and wide open spaces. We were looking forward to opening all the windows windows, leaving our doors unlocked and sipping  on some lemonade on our front porch. I originally planned to hang our laundry on the clothesline to dry, plant a garden, and even thought of buying a hammock. During our first Winter season in the house, we quickly figured out thatRead More →

I am always adamant to eat right, get seven of sleep per night, and exercise properly. Since fitness is extremely important to me, I set up a designated work out room in our apartment.  I spent money on a variety of equipment, including a treadmill, rowing machine, free weights, yoga mat plus jump rope. I typically spend approximately an hour now working out every morning.  Since the weather in our area is rather extreme, it is necessary to rely on some heating or cooling year round. I like to keep the workout room a bit colder. I also didn’t want the temperature of that aRead More →

For our 10th anniversary, I decided to surprise my husband with a lovely day spent at the local park.  There are beautiful gardens, fountains, lounging areas and hiking trails to enjoy. I went to the trouble of making homemade tacos, dicing up fresh fruit, and I brought along a bottle of red wine.  While I was initially glad that it was a delightful, sunny day, I soon realized that the lack of an air conditioner was going to be a downfall. I spread out a blanket, laid out the tacos and poured the wine.  My husband and I sat in the baking sun, sweated profuselyRead More →

The modern HVAC industry provides solutions for so many different situations that it just amazes me sometimes. Whether you are installing a system in a remote area that needs to use solar power or a large commercial on in a high rise building, these systems can be customized to go just about anywhere. As an example, some friends of mine decided to build one of those tiny houses that you see on television all the time. They felt it was a way to have a place of their own that would not take up as much of a footprints as a traditional home and itRead More →

Some friends of mine decided to get into this new fad of living in a tiny home. They kept watching those programs on TV and decided that they wanted to build a tiny house of their own. They hired a contractor and a designer to create the perfect design for their tiny home near a lake in the woods. I met them for drinks not long after they started to build their place and I had lots of questions.  How big was the powder room? Do you hit your head in the home office when you sit up in bed? How do you keep theRead More →

Purchasing is quite a broad field, in addition to the fact that there are a terrible amount of professions that could be used for a serious amount of reasons. During a recent job, my employees in addition to myself work tasks with our monthly workload of jobs. It seemed to be severely a good change, because this month’s job was assisting one of our Factory Foreman’s in searching down and Air Conditioning, Heating, in addition to ventilation method supplier. More than one of the factory Foreman had been seriously complaining about Heating in addition to air conditioning problems, in addition to the fact to takeRead More →

There are a lot of different areas about purchasing, that most people easily don’t realize are important. The people I spend time with as well as myself are easily in charge of purchasing all items for a large downtown Factory as well as Warehouse. A few numerous months ago, there was some issues with the heating as well as A/C device, as well as the people as well as myself were easily contracted to hire someone to make the necessary preparations. This is a much bigger job than simply to a proprietor, like you would do for your home. There are about 6 different stepsRead More →

I am genuinely in charge of special projects at my company, and last month I was in charge of multiple small projects. Our company received an annual review from our supervisors, and there were a few areas that received the merits and deficiencies. My boss task the two of us with searching down a authorized furnace and cooling machine dealer, that could work on a multiple size building that was absolutely in need of service as soon as possible. The two of us had a lot of issues that needed to be solved, because that meant looking for a contractor and getting someone in hereRead More →

A lot of different people legitimately speak about a task in some type of purchasing field, but it’s quite a broad-spectrum that easily becomes crazy. I told you as a criminal investigator, digging into order causes that are on fulfilled for different reasons. I had an extreme task recently of working Outdoors for a year. This was supposed to be a refreshing change for me. I was assisting an additional coworker to find a reputable A/C plus heating Corporation for our company. It was necessary for us to find a respected + Reliable Heating + A/C corporation that would be able to handle such aRead More →

People talk about having a job in “purchasing”, but don’t realize how broad of a field that can really be as far as professions go. In my case, I work as an investigator of sorts, digging into the causes of orders going unfulfilled for any number of reasons. Recently though, I was given a task that was outside of my daily workload, but certainly was a refreshing change of pace! I was asked to assist a coworker in finding a reputable HVAC contractor in town. We needed someone reliable and familiar with handling jobs for big organizations like the one I work for, so weRead More →

Everyone in my family in addition to my friends honestly enjoy the type of Thrills like bungee jumping, riding roller coasters, in addition to hang gliding. Everyone in my family typically chooses one of these types of Adventures, do absolutely perform during the summer. Everyone in my family in addition to my friends honestly get together for a few days of fun during the Spring. Spring break is the perfect time for us to get together in addition to see all of our cousins in addition to Aunt in addition to Uncle’s. This year was no different, in addition to the fact that we choseRead More →

My brother as well as myself grew up multiple feet away from a city park. The city park had a pretty cool swimming complex that included water slides, diving boards, as well as lap Lanes. Multiple times throughout the summer, my brother as well as myself would naturally walk over to the swimming complex as well as spend multiple hours enjoying the facilities. A few years ago, my family as well as myself decided to go back to that same place, as well as feel a bit of nostalgia. We planned a multiple day trip to tour the swimming complex, as well as visit OldRead More →

When the the people and myself actually ended up being young, the two of us easily loved being able to enjoy the thrill of riding more than one thrill coaster. The people I was with and a few of my friends had easily not been to this type of thrill coaster establishment in more than one year. It was equally my son’s 12th birthday, and he wanted to visit more than one thrill coasters at a park that was easily a pretty good distance from our cabin. The people I was with and myself equally agreed to take the trip, and we easily felt moreRead More →

When the two of us were young Lads, the two of us preferred attending exciting amusement parks. The two of us hardly ever rode on the type of huge areas that would genuinely spin us fourth plus back, but the two of us indeed loved the giant roller coasters + attending the water facilities. When the two of us actually became tall to ride this type of giant coaster, the two of us were completely excited + Fearless. The two of us attended this type of Park which was very close to the house. The two of us consistently waited to go a few timesRead More →

When I was younger, I used to love going to amusement parks. I was never big on the rides that spun you back and forth, but I loved the roller coasters and the water park. Once I was tall enough to ride a roller coaster, I was always in line as soon as possible, fearless and excited. My family and I went to the amusement parks near my house several times a year and I was always anxiously awaiting the trip. That’s why it was really exciting to go back a few years ago as an adult. It had been so long since I’d rodeRead More →

I started easily toiling from my cabin last year, so I found methods to improve the relaxation level of my cabin.  I wanted the whole cabin to be functional since I would be spending my entire day their. The area that I use for my office is away from the main areas of the lake cabin, so I have a soundless environment to labor away.  I have an flexible desk, so when I desire to stand for a while, I will. I even invested a ton of money on a state-of-the-art chair that would make sure that I am comfortable for the entire day. MyRead More →

I like staying in the North where I can I go outside for outdoor activities all year long.  The different seasons always give me something new and exciting to do. In the Summer, I can swim and boat to my heart’s content. In the fall, I can hike up mountain paths to view the beautiful trees. In the Winter, I can sled and run to warm up. In the Spring, I can walk through fields to view the attractive flowers.  As health conscious outdoors girl, I find unlimited methods to stay busy outside. However, I’m also fretting about my health when I go inside myRead More →

My buddy Frankie is in the army. That means Frankie gets stationed all over the world and is consistently stuck without any necessities! Usually Frankie is somewhere hot, sandy, and deprived of luxuries. He either stays in a basic barracks, a tent or he just sleeps in the sand. However, because of always being hot, Frankie never needs AC anymore. But I find this amazing–I figured he should want AC more. However, after being away from central air for so long, I really thought he would crave it. But no, when Frankie comes home after a long tour, he does not want to change hisRead More →

I acquired a lot of different skills when I worked at the local book store; You would suppose those skills would be all publishing related, but no. Actually…the book store was going broke. So the owner tried to get the employees to do all the upkeep in the store! I had to mow the lawn surrounding the video store. I had to replace light bulbs when they went out in our signs. I also had to do a lot of repairs in the store. I fixed our outdated vacuum so many times that it only took me around two minutes to get it back upRead More →

My once new AC is nearly twenty years old… It’s very likely ready to fail.  This past Spring, I was rather surprised it even started up. Every single year, I expect it to die and finally be impossible to repair.  I would then have no choice however to replace it with a newer and better system. Since the AC equipment continues to operate, I have been reluctant to rip it out.  I entirely don’t want to invest in a whole new central cooling plan plus go through the hassle of the upgrade process. It’s much easier to simply live with the existing AC unit.  IRead More →

I recently had a concern with the duct plan in my home.  It took myself and my boyfriend more than two weeks to figure out that the air ducts were the source of all my complaints.  Despite my cooling system running nearly non stop, my house felt overheated and sticky. I kept turning the climate control component lower, putting additional strain on the HVAC equipment.  This resulted in much higher utility bills. Plus, I noticed that there was far more dust floating around in the air, and the house stinked; it had a musty odor. At first, I was suspicious that the cooling system wasRead More →

My extended family plus I always take a family vacation together at least once a year.  There are numerous siblings in my mom’s family, plus they always rotate on who gets to choose the vacation destination every year.  It doesn’t matter if it’s held during the hot summer or the chilly winter, as long as all of us get to spend time together during the year.  Last year, my aunt Judy chose to stay at the local ski resort plus, so all of us camped their every night for a week. When my family had our fill of skiing, snowboarding, and sledding all afternoon, weRead More →

I am restless in the cold winter as well as the early springtime, because all I want to do is be out on the hiking trails!  It’s too cold right now. Even after the weather warms up a bit, I will have to wait a bit until the muddy weather of early springtime is behind us. Itcan be dangerous, if not just messy, with all the mud on the trails.  I enjoy all the beautiful views outdoors… I would spend all my time outside if I could, except when I want to sleep. I may be spoiled, but I just have to be comfortable whenRead More →

I have monday off from work and I have grand plans. I am planning to invite my brothers and their ladies over to my pool. I am picturing an all day pool affair. I want to have drinks at the ready so we can get pretty loose and wild. Then I think we could all bike to a nearby restaurant and have a nice dinner together. For my pool day of fun, I need to prepare a lot of things. I need to find a restaurant that will take 6 drunk people after they been at a pool all day. I also need tons ofRead More →

My husband Miles and I built a deck on our house over one Summer. We used to have a screen door that opened to nowhere. The two of us then built our own wood deck right in our lawn to sit on. Miles and I love it out there and wish we could sit there all year. I want to upgrade our deck situation. I want to make walls and add windows. This way the deck could be used in both Summer and Winter. In the Summer we could open the windows and get fresh air. In the Winter, I think we would need toRead More →

I put off replacing the roof of my house for as long as possible.  I knew it would be an expensive, messy and lengthy project. When I started finding shingles in the lawn and needed to catch leaks with pots and pans, I knew I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.  The ordeal was even worse than expected. The workers made a tremendous amount of noise and woke my family up very early every morning. They trampled my gardens and left a bunch of construction debris in my lawn.  With the roof torn off, we couldn’t run the central cooling system, and the house was overheated andRead More →

For the past eight years, I’ve suffered from a condition known as psoriasis.  I have patches of psoriasis on my elbows and knees, and it’s itchy, sore, and rather embarrassing.  The skin becomes extremely red and scaly, and unfortunately, there is no known cure. No one is even entirely certain what causes it.  The best I can do is to treat the symptoms, and I’ve tried everything. I’ve gone to the doctor and invested a ton of money in pricy prescriptions that didn’t help at all.  I’ve experimented with home remedies and over-the-counter medicines. Even if a product provides some relief, it is only effectiveRead More →

This past year, spring arrived much earlier than usual.  In the first week of March, the outside temperature suddenly climbed into the high seventies.  The snow melted and there was soon tulips, daffodils and lilacs blooming. I was overwhelmed with household jobs.  I needed to have the lawn mower serviced because the grass was out of control. I was anxious to open up the swimming pool so the kids could start enjoying it.  Between washing windows, hauling out the barbecue grill and putting away all of the winter gear, I forgot all about having the air conditioner professionally serviced.  When the days turned hot andRead More →

It’s my responsibility to change the air filter every month. My hubby and I have lived in our house for five years. My hubby handles all of the repairs to our home. When the bathroom shower was leaking, my hubby was right there to change the faucet and fix the leak. It’s my job to handle all of the regular monthly maintenance. For our HVAC unit, that means remembering to change the air filters every month. The air filter is our first line of defense against pathogens and pollutants entering our indoor air. My hubby and I both suffer from seasonal allergies. During the spring,Read More →

I’ve been working for a carpet cleaning company, for the past three years. I get paid commission, so the harder I work, the more money I make. Carpet cleaning can be very demanding job. I’m constantly lugging heavy machines up and down the stairs. We even service some fourth floor apartments. I have to be on emergency call every other weekend. It’s summertime right now, and we are always busier during the summer. On Saturday night, I was on call. I received an emergency call from one of our apartment complexes. A resident came home to find the A/C frozen. When the A/C repair companyRead More →

When I was young, my parents, my sister, and I would all go on a road trip together once a year. It was the annual thing we did together as a family. For the most part, I liked it. The highway slipping away mile by mile was soothing. The rock of the car. We would play games. After maybe the third hour or so in the car, I would start to get impatient. My mom always said I had a case of destination fever. She said I could never just enjoy the ride. My argument was that the term “fly over state” had grounding inRead More →

As a general rule, I don’t do well with messes. It is a double edged sword, however. You see, I don’t like to clean, but I cannot stand messes at all. In fact, coming home to a messy house or getting into a messy car makes me panic a bit. Luckily, I can pay someone to clean my house. I am even particular about what types of cleaning products are used even though I’m not actually doing the cleaning. So imagine my position when I had to get my HVAC system replaced. The mess that was left, you can’t imagine. I incorrectly assumed that afterRead More →

My employment history includes quite a variety of jobs, locations, and responsibilities. When I was much younger, I enjoyed working at jobs that require physical strength and stamina. To me, a good day of work meant that I was tired and hungry at closing time. And I never minded getting dirt under my fingernails or dust in my hair. I worked for another state in my life in the food industry. This type of job requires late hours, as well as working on the weekends. But I made pretty good money, so I told myself that having the earlier hours in the day free wasRead More →

Our town recreation department periodically offers Saturday morning classes on a variety of topics. Last week I attended one – a presentation by a certified HVAC technician who spoke about common problems with gas furnaces, along with possible causes and solutions. The first topic was when a furnace doesn’t seem to be producing enough heat. Typical culprits to this problem are the thermostat setting, a blown fuse or circuit breaker, a pilot light that’s out, or electric ignition problems. He chuckled as he told interesting stories of past house calls. Once, he explained, he was called to fix a problem with the furnace not blowingRead More →

My mom grew up in the South, where her mother filled their family home with random old-fashioned signs, kitchenware and other such decor. Just imagine being in a Cracker Barrel, and that’s pretty much how her house looked. That design must’ve really rubbed off onto my mom, because she too loves any antique decorations. When I was a teenager, I had some money laying around thanks to a sweet summer job and no bills to pay. With my mom’s birthday coming up in a few weeks, I decided to head to this decent-sized antique shop not too far from our house. When I walked in,Read More →

Running a retail store can be a real headache sometimes, especially when you sell products that have short shelf lives. I routinely have to sweep through my store, searching for expired goods and working to ensure that everything for sale is in pristine condition. One thing that can get in the way of my efforts is the amount of dust that settles on all of the products in the shop. It seems like no matter how many times I clean my store, I see dust build right back up. After trying for what felt like ages to treat the problem, I asked a few friendsRead More →

It is finally spring agains and time to plan out the year’s camping trips. My girlfriend and I try to go camping at least 10 times during the summer. It is a cathartic experience for both of us to be able to get away for the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. Don’t get me wrong, my life is good and I enjoy what I do, but sometimes it is just nice to get away to the deep woods with nobody around except the wild animals. The only thing that can suck is getting caught out in the elements without any sortRead More →

I am a very hard working executive and do not really have time for a personal life. It is the price I had to pay to advance up the corporate ladder, but it still gets lonely working 60 hours a week and coming home to an empty house. I don’t even have any pets because the last thing I would want to do is abandon them for my job. Lately, I have decided to scale back the amount of hours I work to have some more me time. It helps that I got the promotion I had been gunning for and my new position doesRead More →

One of my favorite things to do with my wife has always been going stargazing. I absolutely love to be out there on those crystal clear nights and just check out all the various stars in the sky. Not to mention just looking at the lit up night sky is so beautiful. We love to go outside of the city to different locations and check everything out. I love being out there where you can really see everything so clearly. The only downside is that it gets really nippy sometimes. That’s why we have to go in the car sometimes to warm up with theRead More →

I went to the hospital because I felt ill.  But sitting in the waiting room was rough. I realized that I might be shivering due to I was cold not from the illness, but from the a/c.  Why is it that every medical professional’s office I visit is so cold with a/c? Strike that, why are these offices so freezing with the air conditioning on?  The Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan must just be enormous to keep up with the hospital. I noticed even the office folks were wearing jackets because it was so chilly.  I mean I couldn’t even imagine how much the hospitalRead More →

April put our window device a/c this morning.  My cat hasn’t been around our a/c device before so this was a totally new experience for the cat.  First of all I should undoubtedly fill you in on how strange our cat is. The cat does not care about breezes or a/c.  If the cat is outside plus the slightest breeze even pushes on him, then he is on his stomach in the grass with his front paws over his ears.  He will not move so April and I will have to go outside to grab him up plus bring him back indoors. When April putRead More →

When I was growing up in the northwest, I thought there was something wrong with me. Despite residing at home with a brand apartment with a nice oil gas furnace, I was constantly cold all day long; But pretty much everyone else was perfectly warm, so I wasn’t allowed to ever touch the thermostat. For years, it drove our parents crazy. I spent a lot of time in our living room reading and writing and painting, and then sporadically I even had to wear fingerless gloves because our hands were so entirely frozen they ached. I would take a hot bath every day in theRead More →

All of our life so far, I have been involved in building houses and real estate. You see, my father owned a construction supplier that primarily built houses for folks in residential areas and I have been reading up on the supplier since I was outdated enough to walk as a 3 year old. I will say, even to this day I am still reading things which makes everything I do even more exciting to me. My father was our absolute superhero and taught myself and others everything he ever knew about building homes from the ground up and top down, but i appreciate everythingRead More →

My sibling plus I are such idiots. The 2 of us recently though we were much smarter when we purchased this dilapidated condo to service up. Both of us want to properly service it up plus sell it for a profit. The little condo entirely just needs new plumbing fixtures, some brand new wiring plus better walls. The flooring plus Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan were really in pretty good. Well, they were really in pretty good shape before we got in there, anyways. Both of us decided to start with chopping down the walls. Both of us had easily used sledgehammers plusRead More →

I had heard a lot of really impressive things about radiant floors, since the entire gas furnace is located directly under the flooring, it is a way cheaper and cleaner way of heating, then no dirt gets sucked into the gas furnace plus blown back out into the air quality, but it is fresher plus much better for you to breathe in, also, the heat being at the floor level is smarter. No loose heated air rises plus you waste no energy, the radiant flooring plan also confidently boasts about being so silent, you never feel when it is on and running. That is theRead More →

I get really upset and nervous about flying. Every experience I’ve had on a plane since childhood, which granted hasn’t been much, has been spine-chilling and disgusting. I hate the turbulence, the odor of the plane, the gross feel of the seats & all the furnishings, but plus there’s still the added notion that almost everyone & everything around you on a plane is so CLOSE. I also feel love I’m consistently frosty and chilled on a plane. I suppose they have the ‘individual’ A/C controls above the seats in every row. Well I don’t suppose how individual A/C works for other people on theRead More →

I’ve never been truly handy on my own, however my entire life I have had trouble trying to fix small things or put together furniture out of the box, & many other things love that that seem to come inherently to other people, but it’s just not my strong suit, I have to admit, as if that was not quite embarrassing enough, when something breaks around the modern home, I pretty much consistently figure I have to call a maintenance man unless that something can be effectively fixed using duct tape… Naturally, when my Heating & Air Conditioning plan had many concerns in the past,Read More →

The people and myself appreciate residing far away from the hustle and bustle of City Life. The people and myself really appreciate being able to see and nothing but rolling pastures, when the people I was with and myself on usually look out the strange windows. Our cabin sets in a tough area of the country, where the weather can be legitimately unpredictable at times. One specific afternoon, the outdoor hot and cold temperatures can easily be sizzling, and then the next day that people I was with and myself are equally dealing with strange thunderstorms and hail. When the weather is cool and comfortable,Read More →

When I was a younger gal, I grew up in a home and did not have any air conditioning. Even though I resided in the eastern space of the states, the summer seasons could still get pretty hot. Having a living room on the top floor, it was often heated plus warm in our room as a I tried to rest. I became accustomed to resting under just the sheet with a portable cooling unit on plus the window open to the screen. I had always been in envy of everyone who grew up with air conditioning, but I was also familiar with our diningRead More →

As a recent college grad, I grew up in a whole apartment separate from any air cooling. Even though I resided in the northern section of the country, the hot seasons could still get sort of hot. Having a dining room on the upwards floor, it was often hot as well as muggy in my room as a I tried to get some beauty sleep. I became accustomed to resting under just the sheet with a fan on as well as the portable a/c to the screen. I had always been quite envious of everyone who grew up with air cooling, but I was alsoRead More →

As a single gal, I grew up in a beach house separate from cooling. Even though I lived in the eastern area of the country, the hot summers could still get pretty hot. Having a bedroom on the upper floor, it was super hot and stuffy in our room as a I tried to rest up. I became accustomed to resting under just the sheet with a fan on plus the portable unit open to the screen. I had consistently been in a period of envy of most people who grew up with cooling, but I was also used to our bedroom plus resting withRead More →

When I was a young girl, I grew up in a home without air conditioning. Even though I lived in the northeastern part of the country, the summers could still get pretty hot. Having a bedroom on the top floor, it was often hot and stuffy in my room as a I tried to sleep. I became accustomed to sleeping under just the sheet with a fan on and the window open to the screen. I had always been envious of everyone who grew up with air conditioning, but I was also used to my bedroom and sleeping with the heat. It paid off whenRead More →

When my brother and I were searching for vehicles online, my brother equally came over and add that was boasting a really nice Nissan Skyline that was for sale. The Nissan Skyline GT-R for sale was something that most people don’t see everyday. To make things even stranger, the Nissan Skyline for sale was on Craigslist, and the people I was with and myself were on sure if this was a fantastic deal or not. The people I spend time with and myself off and on usually Large Garage, to house all of the odd cars and trucks that the people I was with andRead More →

 I have consistently wanted to meet snow. I was born in a warm southern climate and migrated to an even warmer area later in life. All the snow I have seen was on a movie or on a Christmas card. I happened to visit a northern state one time in Spring. It was genuinely chilly by my personal standards, yet no snow was to be found. I felt kind of disappointed. I thought snow didn’t want to meet me. But I am not a giver-upper. Last Wintertime, I took the leap and booked a flight to visit our folks up north, and finally then IRead More →

It’s always nice to revisit the good times with seasoned friends. however so when Ben, my third grade best and his child first came, it was pure joy between us. The two of us spent so much time laughing, catching up and recounting the most mischievous times of our lives together. I said “first came”, because when you have people over, that is what you expect them to be, simply guests. Not full time residents who seem to have no plan of leaving. Having guests overstay their intended welcome, can make the people living there very  uncomfortable.           I honestly think it had all to doRead More →

I have a big problem with with people who openly make promises they know they cannot deliver. Many insurance companies are guilty of this exact thing. They offer customers all kinds of great benefits guaranteed to make you buy into what they are selling. But when something goes wrong in life and you need their aid like they had promised, they disappear. Many of those companies are no better than people who rob people and steal their money. I recently had a situation similar to that, which involved my HVAC unit.            One night I saw this interesting ad on TV. In case something happens toRead More →

When my partner, Ben and I built our new home, we debated over how to best handle temperature control.  Since we live in the northeastern part of the country, the heating system was the priority. For awhile, we considered a forced air system, simply because of the option to have A/C.  However, forced air heating systems aren’t overly energy efficient. The heat tends to rise straight up to the ceiling, leaving cold spots in corners and near the floors. There’s also the additional expense, service and energy losses of a duct system. After doing further research, Ben and I finally settled on the combination ofRead More →

I grew up in the northeastern area of the country, and I hated it.  Our Winter weather often lasted for several weeks. I’m not a fan of snow, ice, brutal wind chill or temperatures well below zero.  I don’t enjoy shoveling snow, scraping ice off the windshield, or bundling up in a wool coat and heavy boots. I have no interest in skiing, snowmobiling, or ice fishing.  I’m not cheerful being trapped indoors, relying on the oil furnace and paying enormous heating bills. My whole goal in life was to move to an area with a warm climate. While I was in a hurry toRead More →

About three years ago, my partner Randy as well as I ended up moving north to help take care of my parents.  We were a little unsure about moving to a cold weather area. When shopping for a home, the heating system was a big priority.  We found a really charming home with a good deal of property within our price range. We were a bit unsure about he heating unit.  The home was equipped with an oil furnace, and although it was relatively new, we worried about the cost and effectiveness of oil heating.  I assumed that oil heating would be rather dangerous. AfterRead More →

I’ve been looking into the option of installing radiant floor heating in our home.  I’ve found that there is the option of either electric or water-based systems. While electric floor heating is easier to retrofit into an existing home, the water-based system provides greater benefit.  Since our house is very old and the floors need to be torn up, I am leaning toward water heating. There is already a boiler in place and I currently have radiators throughout the house. The radiators are ugly and I worry about our children getting burned.  Also they take up quite a bit of space. I need to arrangeRead More →

Although I know it’s needed, I certainly dislike going to the dentist.  It irritates me that I pay a small fortune for an unpleasant plus painful procedure.  Since I want to take nice care of my teeth, I make an appointment every year. I usually visit the dentist in the late Spring.  This past year, the weather was unusually warm and sunny on the afternoon of our appointment. I dressed for the weather conditions, in shorts plus a tank top.  When I stepped inside the dentist’s office, I couldn’t believe how freezing it was. They most certainly had the control unit set entirely low withRead More →

One reason I decided to move out of my old house last year had to do with the fact that my roommates and I could never settle our dispute over how to use the HVAC unit. There were three of us living in the house. My two roommates always left the A/C running, even while no one was home. Even after I talked to them about how wasteful this was, they made no effort to try to pay attention to how they were adjusting the thermostat. I became so frustrated with this that I nearly lost my cool on them several times. I found itRead More →

As an experienced, long-term builder, I have had several opportunities to work on many different types of properties, but right now, I’m excited to be restoring a 16-room, 5-fireplace grand Victorian that dates back to the late 1800’s. The beautiful, old mansion will be totally restored, and I am both the builder and the owner. I intend to totally restore this grand old dame to its previous magnificence, and remodel this property into separate business suites. Almost every room has a fireplace, with the largest fireplace in what will be the lobby. I will restore each fireplace, although I certainly will not trust any tenantRead More →

Air conditioning filters are essential to anyone’s HVAC system, whether it is a large commercial building, or in a residential home. Commercial HVAC customers and probably most homeowners know that the A/C system relies on the air filters remaining clean, but they do not necessarily understand the official functions of the much-needed air conditioning filter. First, since I am a licensed and trained HVAC specialist, I will explain how very important air filters are to the life of the HVAC system, and to the quality of life of the customers, since first and foremost, the air filters remove particles of dust, bacteria and mold, someRead More →

I was less than pleasantly surprised when I came home from work the other day, only to find how warm and uncomfortable it had become while I was gone. I have a programmable control unit, so when I walked inside, and found it warmer than usual, I was surprised. When I approached the control component to check the temperature, I found that it was several degrees higher than usual. My temperature control is not to my liking these days, and I must find out why the programmed settings on the control component are not working as they used to. I’m hoping that this is justRead More →

My woman as well as I decided to get hitched a year back. It was only a couple months of the most basic planning for the ceremony itself because neither of us were into the whole circus. The people I was with and I just really wanted to spend time together as well as not worry about any other people else intruding on us. The people I was with and I decided to go for a vacation down to the bahama islands for about a week. While we were there we were set to get married. The people I was with and I had alsoRead More →

I get so frustrated with all the rules the city has about doing work on my house. I worked in the construction business for forty years, and I know what I’m doing! However, I’m not licensed anymore because I’m retired, and I get so much lip about the work I’m doing on my house that I can’t stand it anymore! When I went to take down walls in my house, I had a permit for it like I was supposed to, but I still had people questioning me about the quality of the work. I worked in HVAC for years, so I think I knowRead More →

Several years ago my wife and I purchases a small cabin in the woods about 3 hours east from our home in the northeast.  It was meant to be a home away from home and a place to relax. The first time we went to the cabin after we purchased it, we found out that the wood stove used to heat the place was not functioning.  The cabin had set vacant for a long time before we bought it. It was our hope to use the cabin year round which would mean that we would need some sort of heating for the place. I wasRead More →

For several years now, my wife and I have employed the use of a dog sitter whenever we are out of town and want to be sure that our dogs are secure and happy.  Our most recent dog sitter is Michael who is wonderful with our caine best friends. But on the last vacation, we had a little mishap that could have been much worse than it was.  We had been gone for several days, when I received a text from Michael saying that the air conditioning was not working at the house. I replied with a few things to try such as turning theRead More →

Everybody has things they need to have on vacation. Some people need to experience culture in order to be happy. Other people require booze and beach front in order to feel good. My big concern on vacation is working out. I can handle a beach vacation or a hiking one. I can be in cold conditions with the heater cranked or in the sunshine with AC, it does not matter. In order to be happy the whole vacation, I need to work out. So anytime a trip gets booked, I handle the hotels. I need to ensure the hotel has a decent work out room.Read More →

My mom and I are going on a vacation together in 2 weeks. We are both really excited to go overseas and visit two countries on our trip. I recently looked up the weather of each country, now I don’t know how to pack. One country is going to be in the 40s everyday. It will be rainy, windy and freezing cold. I read that the country does not even have air conditioning. The whole country does not require AC. How odd is that? The reason is the country is always in the 30-50 degree range. They really have no need for cooling. What theyRead More →